Sunday, 18 September 2011

the latest additions...

Apologies for not posting in a while, getting back into the swing of sixth form and work has been taking up all my time. Thought i'd do a sort of "catch up" post & share some products that I've been loving lately...
I have never used models own nail polishes before, so when the 50% sale was on i thought i'd take advantage... and i am so glad i did. They have a very similar to my all time faves (Barry M), but they last much much longer!
I really love all the colours i chose, my only regret is that i didn't buy more. The glitter polish jazzes up any plain colour & is so far my most used.
If you haven't tried this brand before, you should! They retail at £5 each, totally worth the price :-)

ELF also had a 50% off sale, which i couldn't resist. Above are the products that really impressed me (i bought a few things that were total crap, post soon).
The studio brushes are amazing, as always. I use the stipple brush to apply cream blushes, works so well. The black tube is the waterproof eyeliner pen which is AMAZING. Thinner than any other pen i have used, and works well on the top and bottom line.
The plumping lip glaze really does work, it leaves my lips tingling and looking fuller.

New favourite mascara, makes my lashes so much thicker and longer than any other mascara i have tried & is so cheap at £7.20 from Superdrug. Having tried a million and one mascaras over the past few months, this one will be a permanent fixture in my makeup collection.

Hope your all well!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rose Gold Sunset

After being seriously impressed with how pigmented Sleek eye-shadows are, i decided to try a couple of their blushes. The colours i chose are "sunset" and the much raved about "rose gold".

Rose Gold - my new favourite blush, its gorgeous! Its a mid pink with an obvious gold shimmer. It really suits my pale skin tone & like other Sleek products, it is highly pigmented... so a little goes a long way! I have been after this for ages, but it has totally been worth the wait!
Sunset - is a maroon kind of colour, unlike anything i have bought / used before. It has a slight shimmer, although not as strong as the other. I wouldn't use it as an everyday blush, as i personally think it only suits me with a heavier makeup look.

Left - Sunset
Right - Rose Gold


Friday, 2 September 2011

TAG - what's in my makeup bag?

I did a similar post to this a while ago, but my makeup choices have changed a-lot in the past couple of months, so i thought i would share the products which i am using more-or-less everyday at the moment...

I have been using this makeup bag foreverrrr... love it. It's from Tommy Hilfiger and i got it when i was in Florida a couple of years ago, for a ridiculously cheap price. It's wipe clean, which is always handy ;)


Rimmell Dream Satin Liquid has been my go-to foundation for about a year. I am yet to find another foundation that is as close of a match to my skin. I use Topshop Cream Blush as a blush base, i find using it under a powder blush makes it last much longer!


Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner is a staple in my bag. It lasts on my top lids all day. Topshop Bold Liner is another fave, for underneath my waterline. It has a tiny hint of glitter & looks great paired with the Crayon. The Sleek Storm Palette contains my favorite eye-shadows. Day-to-day i wear shimmery gold eye shadows, so this palette is perfect for me & i couldn't reccomend it more! 


My makeup routine always begins with lip balm, i'm currently using Nivea's essential care balm. My 2 most used lipsticks are 17 Belle & ELF Runway Pink, both of which are running out! I love Body Shop's lip glosses as they last ages without having the consistency of glue... they last ages too!

Hope your all well, 
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