Saturday, 31 December 2011

see you on the other side...

Happy New Year to all you lovely bloggers!
As strange as it sounds i'm glad this year is over. I'm not normally one of those "new year, new me" types of people, but this year i can't actually help it. I'm embracing the new year and  using it as an excuse to make some significant changes!

2012 Goals -
- Work my arse off to achieve good a-level grades & get into one of my chosen uni's
- Blog more: I love blogging & need to make it a higher priority
- Save more money
- Get organised (this is a necessity not a wish!)
- Stop being a pushover!
- Invest in a new laptop
- Try to be more positive (thinking)

It'll be interesting to come back to this post at the end of next year and see if i actually managed any of the above!
Hope you all have a lovely new year & achieve your goals
x x x

Sunday, 25 December 2011

it's christmaaaaaaas!

Thought i would do a very quick post letting you all know that i'm still alive! I haven't blogged in so long, for so many reasons, but I will be making a concerted effort from now on to blog more.

Few random mobile snaps from today...

I was also lucky enough to receive the watch from my Christmas wishlist (post below), but it was too big, so is with the watch man being sorted! I will be spending the rest of my day stuffing my face & watching movies with the famalam.
Hope you all have a lovely day!

<3 Jen x x x