Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday Musings #3

001 - SUMMER IS HERE! (or at least it feels like it). I wore shorts this week for the first time all year. The weather in Essex and London has been amazing & summer feels so close <3

002 - I hate revision, literally bores me to death. I  have a complete lack of motivation to sit and revise. These past 2 weeks have been wasted and i now feel bad that i haven't dome more, as i know it will be best in the long run. This week i NEED to get my life organised.

003 - Last year my friend spent £65 on a pair of river island lace up boots & this week i got them in store for £20! So happy. They are a dark grey-ish / black colour & are literally the perfect pair; Chuffed :)

004 - Fiiiiiiiinally got round to switching my phone contract. I was with orange and my monthly allowance was so poor for what i paid. I switched to 'Talk Mobile' and got such a great deal. I recommend you give them a look if your contract is about to end!

The day has flown by today, still got to sort some things out for sixth form tomorrow :/
Hope you've all had a good Easter!
Jen x x x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let's catch up...

I'm back in Essex (home) today. I have spent the week "up north" visiting family and shopping toooo much, but i had no internet access, so sorry for my lack of posts!

^^ This is where i have been- Durham and Newcastle.
I went shopping in Newcastle city centre for the first time & loved it. Its set out like London, but has a completley different vibe; some really good shops.
This is the only makeup i picked up. On the right is the Sleek Storm Palette, which i love! The colours are so pigmented & some have a shimmer, which looks really lovely. With 10% student discount i picked it up in Superdrug for £5.50, bargain. This blush caught my eye at a makeup stall in Newcastle. For £1.99 its pretty good, the colour is lovely for the summer.

(I wasn't planning to do a sleek review, as I've seen loads. But if you want to see one let me know and i shall do one!)

As my mum said "anotherrrr ring?". It was in the Topshop sale for £3.50 & there was only one left, so i had to.

I bought a few more bits too, but i'll save them for outfit posts and things.
Sorry for the short post, i have a tonne of revision & last nights Dr. Who to catch up on eeeek! (geek) :-)
x x x

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Benefit BOI-ING Review...

Benefits Boi-ing concealer finally made its way into my makeup bag & I'm pretty sure it's going to remain as a permanent fixture :-)

Benefit describes it as 'industrial strength' and to be completely honest, its not far off! The texture is lovely and creamy, making it really simple to apply (and blend), which also helps it last longer, as it doesn't just sit on top of blemishes. I would defiantly recommend that you use your fingers to apply it though, as the consistency doesn't work as well with a brush.

I have relatively pale skin, so #Shade01 is most suited to my skin tone. It looks so much more natural than any other concealers i have used. I love the packaging too; i think it is more practical than a stick as it is easier to apply using your fingers.

Overall i am very impressed. I will be re-purchasing and recommending it to everyone :)
The only downside is the price, but it will last longer than my other concealers, so i do think the money is justified.

Any of you lovelies use Boi-ing? Would love to know what you think!
x x x

PS - I am away for this week visiting family, so sorry if i dont get a chance to update / reply to your lovely comments. I promise to make up for it when i get home though! Have a good easter <3

Friday, 15 April 2011

April Haul...

As I mentioned in my last post I went to Oxford Street on Thursday & managed to find a few things :-)

Top H&M £3.99 each (turquoise ones came together)
Bottom - Topshop £3.50

(L-R) River Island - £19.99
Other three tops are from H&M & all were £7.99 each

I love all these tops. The pink silky top and the over sized blue shirt especially. They are all versatile, which is why i bought them, as i need to start saving. I love mixing and matching clothes too, so these are going to be brilliant. 
+ H&M was the best i have seen it. The new summery range is wicked, feels really 'fresh', if that makes sense, and there are lots of gorgeous prints.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter break, shame the sun has disappeared.
Check back as I will be doing a boi-ing review and a 'whats in my bag?' in the next few days :)
Jen <3

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday Musings #2

Ok so a more appropriate title would be 'tuesdays thoughts', but i want 'Monday Musings' to be a regular thing haa ;)

001 - I have had this dress bookmarked for months. It was originally £40, but is now reduced to £22. I really want to buy it but am not sure if the shape will suit me... ahh decisions decisions.

002 - Heading to Oxford Street on Thursday for a well needed mega shop. I haven't been shopping in weeks, so my wages are itching to be spent haa! The Topshop, Selfridges and boutiques are brilliant, so hopefully i will find some bargains :)

003 - I am hoping to pick up benefits 'boi-ing' concealer this week. I have been thinking about getting it for ages, and popped into a shop last week to try it out. I have pale skin, and often concealers that are the 'right' colour are very yellow, but this one wasn't. Any other pale skin girls, what do you use??

004 - Finally, MAC lipstick in Chatterbox. Want it. Need it. Thinking of reasons to justify spending out on another.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter holidays, been up to anything exciting?

Monday, 11 April 2011

thinking of you...

  Dress - Topshop // Jacket - Zara // Ballet Pumps - New Look

 Blouse - Miss Selfridge // Necklace - Ebay // Braclet - Henry Holland
(sorry for the lack of proper outfit picture!)

Saturday night i went to see Katy Perry at Wembley (London). She was amazing! The set was amazing, and the picture above is the lights from her ET performance. [I didn't manage to get any decent pictures as my camera decided to die]. As well as her own, she also performed Rhianna's Only Girl & Willow Smiths Whip Your Hair. Oh and she also declared her love for English food & Essex haa. Has anyone else attended her California Dreams tour?

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You'll never be what's in your heart...

I ordered a few products from ELF on Monday, and they came today, so impressed with the delivery speed! These are the lip products i bought -

 Mineral Lipstick - Runway Pink - £3.50
This colour is much less pink than it appears on the website, its more of a nude colour than pink, but still lovely. Applying it feels like applying a MAC lipstick and i defiantly will be ordering more! The packaging is great too, looks and feels more expensive than it is. I could probably wear this on a day-day basis :-)

Lipstick - Seductive - £1.50
I wanted to buy both types of lipstick to compare them. I love this colour, it's like a coraly/hot pink, perfect for going out. I am also really impressed with the quality, considering how cheap it was; head and shoulders above others i have tried for under £2. Even the packaging is better than i expected. Would definatley reccomend you give this a try!

 Mineral Lipstick - Wild - £3
Lastly is this lip gloss. I needed a new one after my fave Barry M disappeared & this one has nicely filled its place. I chose a bright pink as i think brighter shades look better on their own. I love this and it is defiantly something i will re-purchase and recommend.

(L-R) - Seductive Lipstick, Wild Mineral Lipgloss, Runway Pink Mineral Lipstick

I am really impressed with the ELF brand; the quality is excellent for the price. Check out their facebook page as there are always great offers on, such as free delivery & other special offers.

Hope your all having a good week :)
Jen xxx

Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday Musings...

001 - I have wanted a tattoo for as long as i can remember & last year decided i wanted a swallow bird on my rib cage (ouchie). Unfortunately I'm not 18 until January, so this one will have to wait.

002 - I reaaaally want one of these lipsticks, but am so unwilling to part with £22 for just one. I think MAC's are expensive at £13, so unfortunately it is unlikely this beauty will be entering my make-up bag.

003 - I finally found and ordered a mulberry lookalike. I love them so much and cannot wait for it to arrive. I hate when people turn their nose up at look-alike items, things like this are an opportunity for people who cant afford designer, to show their style. (saying that though, some LV things i have seen over the years are beyond awful!)

004 - Seeing Katy Perry next week, so so so excited! I saw her at V festival in 2009 and she was amazing :) Calvin Harris was due to be her support, but he pulled out last minute due to arguments about his set. I'm gutted as i love him, but have seen him live before too, so I'll get over it haa! I shall try and get some decent pictures to show you all. Has anyone else seen her on the Teenage Dream tour?

Hope you have all had bearable Mondays!
Jen xo.
(all images from weheartit)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Fast Cars & Shooting Stars...

Shoes - Primark // Bracelet - Henry Holland (Debhenems) // Belt - Primark

I popped into one of my local towns and picked up a couple of bits. I love these shoes! I actually intended to buy them in pale pink, but they didn't have my size (boo). I will not be able to refrain if they are in stock next time though, as they were only £10. The bracelet is from Henry Holland. I expected it to be about a tenner (in which case it would have gone back on the hook!), but it was only £3.00!!! Big range of colours too, probably going to have to buy it in coral too. The belt was just a cheapy from Primark, didn't want to leave it out though ;)

Have you all had a good Friday?
Jen xo.