Saturday, 30 July 2011

ELF mineral pinks...

I've only just discovered elf & it has quickly become one of my go-to makeup brands. The prices are so affordable & the quality exceeds my expectations every time. Their mineral lipsticks are easily some of the nicest lipsticks i own.
(L-R) Runway Pink, Party Pink, Nicely Nude

Runway Pink is my favorite out of them all, its the perfect mix between nude and pink. It doesn't contain any shimmer, which means it creates a creamy but matte finish.
Party Pink is a mid-pink, the darkest out of my collection. It has a subtly shimmer in it & a slight hint of coral.
Nicely Nude is not a nude, its actually darker on my lips than Runway Pink. Again it contains a slight gold shimmer, but still creates a natural looking finish.

I would defiantly recommend you try these & check out the ELF Cosmetics website. If you have a facebook check out their page too, as they frequently have "free delivery" and "20% off" discount codes!

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Head Over Heels

After being really impressed with Topshop's lipsticks i decided to try one of their cream blushers. I chose the newest in their collection, head over heels, which is a cute pink blush. It is the lightest pink from the Topshop range, and has a very subtle peach undertone when applied to the skin -

I was initially hesitant, as i wasn't sure how to apply cream blushers, but after playing around with a few different techniques, eventually i found one that works for me -

The box says "dot on cheeks and blend". Using one finger i dotted the blush on the apple of my cheeks & the top of my cheek bone. I then blended it using ELF's studio powder brush, moving it in circular motions up and down my cheek bone, so that the blush distributed evenly.

Cost - £6.00
Packaging - 4/5 (love the mirror, but the white packaging gets dirty looking after being in a makeup bag)
Colour - 4.5/5
Overall Rating - 4.5/5

I would defiantly recommend this product. It's perfect for summer as it can create a dewier finish than powder blushes. I will be trying out a couple other colours soon!

Jen xxx

Friday, 8 July 2011

TAG - top 5 lipsticks

I've seen a few tag posts recently, so i had a scout through my inbox & noticed a couple of people had asked me to do a lipstick related post. I love am obsessed with lipsticks, so choosing 5 was hard! These are my choices though - 

(L-R) Natural Collection - Pink Mallow // MAC - Creme Cup // ELF - Runway Pink // 17 - Belle // Topshop - Show Off
You can probably tell, i'm a pink girl. I find it really hard to wear reds and oranges, so i tend to play it safe. 
My choices range from £2.99 to £13.50, but i think they are all great value for money & i will be repurchasing them all when they run out :)

Pink Mallow (natural collection) - this is my fail safe lipstick. At £2.99 it's such a bargain & when applied properly looks just as good as some MAC's I've had.
Creme Cup (mac) - Possibly my second favourite. You may have read my rants about MAC before, but their lipsticks have unbelievable staying power & that's why i buy invest in them. The consistency /colour is no nicer than any cheaper ones, but it lasts all day!
Runway Pink (elf) - £3.50, totally different to how it looks on the website, but I love it. The perfect light pink. It has a really creamy finish & is always in my bag.
Belle (17) - i wear this lipstick most often & would describe it as 'my natural lip colour but nicer'. It's slightly glossy & just creates a really nice finish.
Show Off (topshop) - my newest investment, you can find my review about it here!

Are there any other tag posts you would like to see?
Would appreciate some links to similar posts if you come across any!
Jen xxx