Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wishlist #1

1) Miss Selfridge Cream Pussybow Blouse - £35
I have been lusting after a classic, sheer, cream blouse for almost a year! I love the bow detailing and the back is dipped so it would be wearable with leggings. This weekend i'll be on a hunt to find this :)

2) Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set - £21.99
My blog feed has been filled to the brim with posts about this little set, so naturally, I want it! Like most others, i am most interested in the buffing brush and the contour brush, but i'm sure i'll find use for the others too. In my head i cant justify buying this at the moment, as i have a gazillion brushes already. But my willpower might fail if i accidentally walk into Boots & pick it up!

3) Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba - £1.99
I swatched this a while ago in a store and really liked it, but all of them were cracked & i haven't been able to find it since. I'll be visiting a big boots store soon so fingers crossed they'll have it. Perfect for summer!

4) Babyliss Hair Curlers - £20 (ish)
Not too sure of the model in the picture, but it's basically what i'm after; a hair curler with a clamp. After coming back from Egypt i've been striving to get back gorgeous beach hair, hopefully this will do the trick!

The best part? 3/4 of these products are available in Boots, so i might not be able to resist the chance to top up my advantage points ;)

x x x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub...

It's not often that i review just one item in a post, but my new discovery deserves a write up of it's own.
I was in Bristol recently, mooching about in Lush, when this little pot caught my eye. I suffer quite badly from dry (and often chapped) lips, so the idea of what is essentially an exfoliater for lips fascinated me.

LUSH Lip Scrub - £4.95

The consistency is like sand, so i simply press my finger lightly on the top and place the product on to my lips. Then all you need to do is rub your lips together.
This little product has completley transformed my 'lipstick routine', and has allowed me to start wearing lipsticks i had previously given up on. It leaves my lips feeling smooth & buttery and the subtle taste of bubblegum lasts for hours :)

There are various other flavours, so if this isn't your cup of tea I urge you to go and look at the others!

x x x x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Little Egyptian Haul...

I could have spent so much at duty free, especially on MAC & Benefit goodies, as i can't usually justify the full RRP. But, i managed to tame myself and only get a few bits! (which i now regret!)

I also did some shopping at the markets in Egypt. I loved bartering, as the sellers always start at a ridiculous price and the game was to get them down to as low as possible. Tip - put it back and start to walk away if they're being stubborn, they'll come chasing after you! It's £10 Egyptian to £1 English, so it was really easy to work out how much things cost :)

I love MAC Mineralise skin finish! I tend to wear medium - full coverage foundations, so applying a powder over the top often makes it feel very heavy. This does the complete opposite. My face feels soft and light and i'm convinced it's helped make my base last longer too.
The Victoria's Secret fragrance mist was bought on a spur, simply because we can't get the brand here in the UK. It smells lovely and is handy to have in my bag.
This Loreal Rouge Caress lipstick is a new favourite lip product. It reminded me hugely of my staple "Belle by 17" lipstick, only i think this is nicer! It's a natural lip colour, with a hint of pink and gorgeous buttery consistency. Plus it's staying power isn't bad either :)

Finally some bits i picked up from the markets. The purse was about 50p and i thought it was just cute to have to remind me of the holiday. The "Ray Bans" are obviously fake, but not too shabby looking. The bloke wanted £10 for them, but i managed to get him down to £3. I wore them for a few days and love them!

I also got some Egyptian perfume, which smells exactly like Chanel Chance & a couple of casual dresses, but i can't find them! :s

Hope you're all well!
x x x x x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Back from Egypt!

Sorry for the lack of posts, i've been on holiday in Egypt :)
I had an amazing time, did some amazing things and met some amazing people. Thought i'd share some of the photos i took...
Me swimming in the Red Sea, one of the most amazing experiences of my life!
Teaching the locals to backflip ;)

I took hundreds of photos and wish I could show you them all ;)

This was such a perfect holiday. 2 weeks of stress free nothing-ness! We did quad biking in the mountains, swimming in the red sea and lounging on the beach. The people, especially at the hotel, were some of the most genuine and lovely people i've ever met, which made it even harder to leave.

I would love to go back & would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about going!

I am planning on doing an "Egyptian Haul", so keep an eye out :)

Hope you all had a good Easter!
x x x