Thursday, 19 April 2012

Back from Egypt!

Sorry for the lack of posts, i've been on holiday in Egypt :)
I had an amazing time, did some amazing things and met some amazing people. Thought i'd share some of the photos i took...
Me swimming in the Red Sea, one of the most amazing experiences of my life!
Teaching the locals to backflip ;)

I took hundreds of photos and wish I could show you them all ;)

This was such a perfect holiday. 2 weeks of stress free nothing-ness! We did quad biking in the mountains, swimming in the red sea and lounging on the beach. The people, especially at the hotel, were some of the most genuine and lovely people i've ever met, which made it even harder to leave.

I would love to go back & would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about going!

I am planning on doing an "Egyptian Haul", so keep an eye out :)

Hope you all had a good Easter!
x x x


Josefína said...

I wish it was so warm weather here! =) and I can't wait the haul! =)

Carlito86 said...

Lovely pics hun! xx