Monday, 28 February 2011

Londons calling...

So today i spent the day mooching around Westfields and Camden Market. Although i didnt buy as much as i'd hoped i did manage to pick up a couple of things...

Firstly i popped into MAC. I have been wanting a lipstick foreverrrrr so i decided to do it properly and ask the mua for some guidence. She suggested Creme Cup (a blogger fave) and Chatterbox. As i have never had a MAC before i decided just to buy one, and if i liked it get the other one next time i was shopping... I decided to get Creme Cup as i thought i could wear it on a more day to day basis.

As this is so popular i wont do a big review on it as i've seen a million before, so i will just say I love it & am definatley now a MAC convent! Creme Cup is a gorgeous pale pink, but not cheap looking like most pale pinks. Athough its matte it isnt drying and lasts for hours :)

Next time i see a MAC counter i will not be able to refrain from buying another, even at £13.50... completley worth the investment!

Lastly i bought 2 nail polishes from a store called "Beauty Base". They were only 99p so i wasnt expecting much but they arent half bad! I have no doubt they will chip after a couple of days and go gloopy after a couple of months, but for right now they are good. The colours i chose are "Lilac Frost" and "Live". I love the first as it is a less scary alternative to white.

Hope your all well,
x x x

Friday, 25 February 2011

white blank page...

very uneventful day and a slightly pointless post :/

I have been searching for jewellery like this for ages and am struggling to find any at a decent price (£30 for a ring?!?). I am lusting for a pyramid stud ring (in both pictures) and I'm beginning to like owl face rings too. Does anyone have any similar things / know of anywhere reasonable? i would love to know! 

I've also just made another ASOS order (free delivery and discount is too much to resist!), which included a ring *shock*, bracelet and nail varnish, so there shall be a post about that soon. The picture above is also making me want to try white nails. I am nervous though as i am pale i think it might look as though i have tip-exed my nails, especially when it chips... anyone tried it and actually like it? 
- Jen xx
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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

just got to roll with it...

I have been lusting after this topshop cardi for ages, however at £38 I decided to have a shop round for something similar.
I noticed a new shop in one of my local towns, called 'Select'. I noticed a similar shape cardigan to this one in grey and cream, and almost bought the grey one when i noticed an identical one to the topshop one for only £16! The only difference is the stitching is slightly bigger, but apart from that they look and feel the same, SCORE ;-)

This one has a slightly pink undertone that annoyingly doesn't really show well in pictures...

I also spent £15 in New Look as there is a deal on t-shirts (3 for £15), defiantly worth having a look as there were almost too many to choose from. I actually bought two of the same, one in white and one in a rusty colour, (pictured above) as i know i'll get lots of wear out of them. Plus new look has 10% student discount, so i literally had no excuse not to buy them.

Hope your all well,
x x x

Title name is from 'Roll With It' by Oasis.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

someone like you...

This is a necklace i got from Primark a couple of months ago for about £2.00 & decided to take a picture of it as i was bored & delaying all the work i should be doing. 

This past week has been abit quiet, as i havent been very well & had a couple of days off college. However lying in my sick bed meant i could download lots of music, something i havent done in ages. I am in love with Adele at the moment! Her voice astounds me & her performance at the brits was amazing. I also downloaded Kanye West's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and was pretty impressed. "Runaway" and "Power" are my personal favourites. Any new music your rating highly atm?  

Oh and I'm also interested in adding a few more blogs to my reading list, so if you know of any hidden gems, or want me to look at yours leave me a link.  - J xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011

top 5...

001. Driving Lessons. I just had my fifth and I am really enjoying them. I'm hoping to sit (and pass!) my test in about 3 months, fingers crossed. There is no way i could afford a car but i think its best to learn young & who knows, maybe my parents will be crazy kind enough to insure me on their car ;)

002. Student Discount. I have used my NUS card so much this week! New Look gives 20% off, Topshop 10%, Miss Selfridge 10% and Superdrug 10%. I know this doesn't sound much, but when i sat and added it all up i saved £20 on my latest shopping trip! The cards cost £11 and get delivered to your sixth form / college.

003. New Films. There are so many out at the moment that I want to see, makes a change. Yesterday i saw 'Just Go With It', which was a lot funnier than it look on the adverts, I would defiantly recommend it. I also fancy 'True Grit', 'Black Swan' and 'The Fighter', anyone seen them?

004. Max Factor mascara, false lash effect. Need i say more? It's amazing & will now be a permanent fixture in my make-up bag.

005. The best this week - Wise Rabbit Says, Noirnouvelle and Meek-n-Mild

Hope you've all had a good weekend :)
- J xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

colour of the moment - taupe

Taupe is a fairly new colour in my wardrobe, but it is beginning to make its mark! I have blue eyes and this colour defiantly brings them out. Personally i think this colour would suit every skin tone & is so easy to wear day & night...

First is this Topshop blouse. Its such a lovely colour and feels so soft! It was £35 and although i was initially hesitant, i couldn't bear to put it back as i knew i would get so much wear out of it. It looks great with skinny jeans and with bodycon skirts, and I'm sure i could wear it with denim shorts when the summer eventually arrives. It is sort of sheer, but not see through, so i could wear it to college (another bonus!)

This little jacket, is fromH&M and cost £7.99. Its lightweight and when i looked at the price there was no way i could put it back. They come in a range of colours, and i was almost tempted to buy it in navy as well, but i did manage to resist temptation. I really like H&M at the moment, they are finally catching up with my other favourite shops and most of the time are half the price.

I also got a couple of basic things from New Look, not really worth picturing though to be honest, you've all seen plain t-shirts before. Atm NL are having 20% off for students, so i had a "why not?" moment and bought a few bits ;-)

Hope your all well, i will try and post again this weekend to compensate my lack of blogging these past couple of weeks.
- J xxx

** you may have also noticed the new layout. A friend of mine is doing a design course and i noticed she has been mixing different materials, such as wood and floral together, so i decided to give it a go haha, what do you think?  

Monday, 7 February 2011

quick catchup...

The more eagle eyed of you will know i have been a very bad blogger this past week. Things haven't exactly been going to plan lately. I'm really finding a-levels hard & for the first time am seriously considering not going to university. Also my hours at work have been cut to the point where it's barely worth me bothering, which is hugely demoralising, as i love my work. I am making an effort to see the positive side of things, so hopefully ill get my head sorted and be back to normal in no time. I have really come to enjoy blogging & its a shame that its already taking a backseat, not for much longer if i can help it!

A big thank you to everyone who reads this blog, i really appreciate all your comments & ideas, don't give up on me, I will be back to normal in no time, which means compensating for lost blogging time! 

<-- also this is the dress i showed in a previous post  (from AlX wear) that i didn't get a chance to wear, well i finally did! I wore it with a black skirt underneath & huge grey heels from New Look ;-) 

Hope your all well!

- J xxx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In a black and white world true colours show.

Just a quick update... this is my new piercing! Its called the Helix, and hurts like mad. I had it pierced a few months ago, but only just put this ring in as it was a birthday present. As its cartilage, it doesn't heel for a year!! I love it though. Any of you have any cool piercings?

I was going to do a review of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, but i realised alot of people have already done them, so i will just say it's brilliant and my new fave. It really thickens, darkens and lengthens my lashes. Costs £10.99, i promise its worth the price, every girl should have it :-)

I am jammed this week. So much school work, three days of work, driving lesson and two birthday parties. I will sit and update again at the weekend, i wont get a chance before then, sorry.

I also just want to thank Irene (ireneandablog) and Kim (sweetmonday) for mentioning me, I love both their blogs so it was really lovely / slightly surreal to see my little blog haha! So hello to any new followers.

- J xxx