Wednesday, 6 June 2012

RIMMEL 'wake me up' foundation...

Before I review this I should probably explain what I look for in a foundation - buildable coverage, long lasting power and creamy / semi-matte formula. Doesn't sound a lot, but I very rarely come across a foundation that ticks all the boxes. However, I have recently discovered Rimmel's 'wake me up' foundation, which doesn't tick all the boxes... but I love!

The formula is very creamy (as appose to water based), with a medium but buildable coverage. It claims to have an 'anti fatigue' effect, which to an extent I can see as it is far dewier than most other foundations I own (you can see shimmery flecks in the bottle). However it's not overly dewy, it just gives a healthy glow. If you prefer a matte look a quick dusting of powder does the trick. It also smells nice, fruity instead of like paint.

I dot a small amount around my face and then buff it in with a Real techniques buffing brush (from the core collection). The two are a match made in heaven! The more you buff, the less dewy you can make it look. It has an SPF 15, which in no way reflects in photo's, which is another major plus.

Colour - 4/5 - I would prefer the lightest shade to be slightly lighter
Price - 5/5 - £8.99 is a bargain considering i usually by EL doublewear
Packaging - 5/5 - I love the glass bottle, instantly makes it feel high-end
Lasting Power - 3.5/5 - lasts about 4-5 hours without touching up

Overall, I really like this foundation and would defiantly recommend it!
Have any of you tried this foundation?
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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Week in photos #6...

A very long / overdue week in photos...
Simple everyday makeup // 'Watch the Throne' // Magazine madness
NOTW Models Own 'Coral Reef' // Obsessed with Ben & J's // Primark randoms
Butternut Squash soup // Real Techniques Core Collection // Zara tote dupe

I haven't been buying that much makeup lately and as it's exam time my everyday makeup has been verrry simple. I went to see Jayz & Kanye at the 02 a couple of weeks ago. They were amazing, best gig i've ever been to!

The nail colour i've been sporting all week is an old favorite, but still available in BOOTS. I've been trying to stick to a healthy food regime, but mum keeps stocking the freezer with ben and jerry's... it would be rude not to eat it! Picked up some random things in a quick trip to primark. The wipes are for my bag as i'm frequently stuck with makeup swatches all over my hands. The exfoliating glove is to use with my hair curlers, burnt fingers are getting old now.

I fiiiiiinally bought the core collection brushes. The foundation flat brush (second in on the left) is such a waste of space, it's impossible to use! I love the other three though. I also purchased the eBay Zara dupe everyone seems to have. I realized that I don't have a decent sized black bag, so decided to treat myself. For less than £15 i can't really complain!

Hope you're well,
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Magazine Freebies...

I cannot resist free goodies, even if they're not technically free!

GLAMOUR magazine - Benefit Samples
That Gal Primer > POREfessional pore minimiser & primer
There's also a choice of a mini Bad Gal mascara, but I have the full size version.

I really like both of these, but prefer That Gal, as it gives a more refreshed, dewey look, which i prefer during the summer. I apply it all over my face & then apply my foundation. For me, POREfessional looks better for a night out, as it is 100% matte on my skin. Little tip, do not apply this without moisturising first, it will dry your skin out hugely!

InStyle magazine - Body Shop Eye-liners

I LOVE these liners!

I was in superdrug looking for a new kohl liner when i noticed these. The magazine costs £3.80 and you get two full sized liners with it, which is a complete bargain, as they're about a tenner each in the shop. I love the navy one most, as it's dark enough, but much softer than wearing black everyday.

- Jen
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