Thursday, 31 March 2011

your so hypnotizing...

  Dress - New Look // Cardigan - Select // Leggins - Topshop // Boots - Next
(Not the best pictures; Decided to use the ones that were taken when i wasnt ready, looked like less of an idiot!)

001 - I haven't done an outfit post in ages (tut tut)! This is really casual though, nothing special. I love this cardigan, best bargain buy for ages. You can see a post i did about it here.

002 - sixth form is a nightmare atm. So many deadlines appearing and everyone is stressing about how little time we have before study leave. I am really worried about a couple of my exams, as i get so much homework, finding time to revise is proving to be difficult :( 

003 - Just watched the new Katy Perry & Kanye West video for E.T! It has to be one of the weirdest videos i have seen in ages, but it was never going to be generic haha. I am going to see her on the 9th (next saturday night), so i am listening to all her music atm preparing myself :-) You can view the new video here.

004 - Just want to say thank you! I have reached just over 100 followers & am so grateful. I love all of your comments and try and reply to them all. If you leave me your link i will always comment back. So thank you again lovelies :-)

Hope your well and having a good week!
Jen xo.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Don't Hold Your Breath...

I've read tonnes of good reviews about this product, including ones that said it was best for people with pale skin, so i decided to treat myself and try it out :)

To be completley honest, it wasnt what i expected. It comes out very pale (not the same as it looks in the box) & you have to apply more than usual for it to take effect. It's definatley not going to be a favourite of mine, but it is nice for a change i guess.

I love the packaging, smell and quantity, its just a shame that it wasnt the colour i expected. I actually think it might be better in summer, when my face has a slight tan, so i will do another review if my views change :)

I do like the look of "Thrrrob" though, definatley going to be brighter, anyone got it and reccomend it?

Hope your all having a good weekend,
x x x x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

mini haul // welcoming spring

The British postage system is really letting me down atm. I was planning on doing a couple of reviews at the weekend, but my goodies didn't arrive, gutted. So i decided to pop into town instead haha.

First of all i spotted these shoes, in Primark for only £8.00! I love them and will be wearing them all spring. I'm so happy with them & i saw a very similar pair in RI for 4 times the price... thankyou primark :)

Secondly I snapped up this Topshop sleeveless shirt. I love the colour & actually bought it in a size larger than normal, as it looks better over a skirt.

I also picked this up in Primark. It was in the sale for £8 reduced from twelve. I love chunky knits and thought that this would be perfect for spring as it isnt as thick as many of my other cardis.

Lastly this little gem fell through my letterbox. I bought it from Ebay and it cost £3.99 (incl P&P!). I love this style of pendant and it actually keeps good time, which i didn't expect haha. (sorry for the crap picture, my camera died before i could get a decent pic of it)

Hope your all well,
x x x x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

It's Ok Not To Be Ok...

Apologies for the lack of posts this week i haven't been well at all, possibly tonsillitis, I'm praying its not though. Anyway i have received a few bits in the post that i thought i could share with you all...

H&M ring - £3.95
I love this ring and intend on buying it in a couple of the other colours. I don't usually like H&M for jewelry but it's starting to catch up to some of the other high street shops, which is brilliant as its half the price of Topshop :)

After seeing a couple of blogs mention i stumbled across some bargains and bought these three lipsticks, each were less than £2 each saving me a total of a tenner! I didnt like the one in the middle [picture above], so i only pictured the other two below -

Ambre Rose by Loreal - £1.99
    Lovely Rouge by Bourjois - £1.99

Barry M - 293 Grey - £2.95

I love this colour. It is a lovely alternative to black and is so much easier to apply and take off. I also thing it is abit more 'springy' and 'daytime' than black, so i've been wearing it alot.

Lots of Love,
x x x x

Friday, 4 March 2011

sweet sensation...

001. I want need this blouse! Its only £16 online but i'm not sure on peacocks sizing and dont want to loose out on postage if it doesnt fit, (my shopping fund is low atm), i will check out my local store though, just in case.

002. I got my V festival ticket & am so excited. I've been for the past 3 years and the lineup this year is amazing, Eminem and Rihanna are headlining separatley AND performing together, ahhh. Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal, The Script and Chase and Status... so many i am excited to see :-)

003. Have a new fave nailvarnish. Barrm M Coral, they are £3.10 from ASOS but with 20% student discount and free delivery it works out cheaper than buying them in superdrug - win win.

004. I really want an alexa look-alike-bag for a decent price. My current bag is practically falling apart so i actually need one haha. I have seen a few on ebay but some look so plasticy and some so flimsy. Anyone have one that they would reccomend?

Lots of schoolwork this weekend and the buying a V ticket has left me penny-less so you will have to be patient over this week. I have ordered a few bits online, so i promise to do a post as soon as they arrive ;-)
- J xxx