Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday Musings #7

* Nail Art - if that's what you can call my attempts. I know this print is nothing new, but i thought i would share the results of my first try, as it came out better than expected! I simply used the brush to apply some blue dots & then dipped a small lip brush into the black to do the outlines.

*UNI choices - i'm planning on going to university next year, so i'm at the stage of making my first choices & its horrible! Part of me wants to go to London, but the other part of my is itching to explore a new city! I like the look of Bristol and Liverpool, so will me making some visits soon. I've decided on studying English Language, possibly with creative writing incorporated.

*MODELS OWN 50% OFF - models own are still running their 50% off all nail varnish offer, finishes on Wednesday. Simply add the discount code FIFTYFIFTY at the checkout! :)


Saturday, 27 August 2011

NOTD - floral for fools

* Apologies for the crappy pictures!

I am by no means good at nail art, as you can see! However I do like to play around with designs and see what i can manage. I saw this a while ago on someones blog (i don't remember whose it was, say so if it was you!) & thought it looked pretty & achievable.

The picture is literally the first time i tried it, so there is definite room for improvement, starting with me sorting out my nail beds (ew). I also wasn't sure whether to make the petals dots or lines, so there's a mix of both haha.

I will be doing this again over the next couple of days, so if you want a tutorial just let me know, i would be more than happy to show you!

Have any of you attempted / seen some cool nail art recently? I would love to see, so feel free to leave some links :)


Thursday, 25 August 2011

this & that...

and the award for crappiest blogger goes to - ME!
So I thought i would so a sort of 'round up' post, filling you in on the past week...
I spent last weekend at V festival, as i do every year. It was brilliant once again. Eminem headlined on Sunday and was amazing. Words cannot describe how excellent he was, if you ever get the chance to see him live, take it! He doesn't perform much & it was really special to be lucky enough to see him :)

Then yesterday i picked up some bargains...

Dress - £12.99 // Earrings - £3.99

Bought this from H&M this week & then saw a wicked post by Daisy about how to wear it, which has given me tonnes of ideas that i would never have thought of before. (click here to read her post)
H&M is quickly becoming my favorite shop. Nice clothes & good prices, what more could i ask for?

Favorite make-up find in ages. This Topshop crayon is in the colour "Equinox", which is a gorgeous shimmery gold. I have been using it as an eye-shadow or just in my tear ducts to brighten my eyes. It lasts all day and i haven't found any downsides so far!

Hope your all well & anyone who received their GCSE results i hope your all chuffed :)
The fact that i'm back to sixth form in just over a week is really depressing me,

Friday, 12 August 2011

3 Beauty Bargains...

Some purse friendly products i have been really impressed with over the last few weeks...

1) Beauty UK eyes - Earth
Price - £3.99

Bought this in a "ahh why not?!" moment when i was last in superdrug. I LOVE shimmery eye shadows & at such a cheap price...
I was / am actually very impressed! The 3 shades blend really well together, and although they're not the most pigmented, they do look nice when applied properly. The lightest shade does require a heavy hand, but the other two colours glide on easily.

2) ELF Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Price - £3.50
I am slightly torn with this product... The two matte shadows on the top row are difficult to work with as they barley show on the skin, which to me seems like a waste. 
However the dark matte colour is perfect for creating a smokey look. It also blends really well with the shimmer shades, something i didn't expect.
So overall, i do like this product & would recommend it as you can easily create a variety of different looks.

3) ELF Studio Blush - Blushing Rose
Price - £3.50

LOVELOVELOVE... Easily my favourite find in ages. This is a gorgeous mid-pink, with gold flicks. Extremely pigmented, meaning it blends reaaaally well. Would look great on all skin types / colours. The above colour is really close to what it looks like in real life, unlike the swatch that appears on the ELF website.

Hope your all well!
I'm so happy to see that the riots seem to have stopped, *fingers crossed* that it stays this way!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

watching our beautiful city burn...

The past few days have been a bleak and low point in the history of England. We have all had to watch our beautiful city of London be looted, attacked and burned. It all orginated from the killing of a notorious london gangster, who was shot by police when he attempted to shoot a police officer. In my honest opinion, he deserved to be shot. If he wasnt breaking the law & potentially about to commit murder he would still be alive.

The day after this happened violent protests began. However it is clear that thousands of people across the country are using this as an excuse to become anarchists. London is not being destrotyed because of a mans death, but because violent & ignorant thugs are seizing the opportunity to create mayhem. There is no sense behind it, people are attacking and destroying their own communities... simply because they can.

As always, the police are dealing with the brunt of this. The police never get enough credit in siuations. Each officer selflessly risks their life to protect innocent people... yet people still blame them. Both of my parents are metropoliton police officers & this morning i had to watch my mum leave to enter this chaos, which i promise you is terrifying!

If only people could unite as strongly for a positive cause. But no, as always, people are far more ready to cause devastation and anarchy. Some of the video clips i have seen are genuinley in-humane. These people do not deserve their human rights and should be stopped by any means necessary.

My thoughts & prayers are with all the innocent people in London at the moment. All of the scared elderly people, terrified children and brave police officers. The people involved in the riots are the minority & i hope each and every one of them are imprissoned / punished for their actions... even though that is highly unlikely.

PS - a big thank you to anyone who sent me support messages regarding my parents, over twitter. It means a lot!