Friday, 12 August 2011

3 Beauty Bargains...

Some purse friendly products i have been really impressed with over the last few weeks...

1) Beauty UK eyes - Earth
Price - £3.99

Bought this in a "ahh why not?!" moment when i was last in superdrug. I LOVE shimmery eye shadows & at such a cheap price...
I was / am actually very impressed! The 3 shades blend really well together, and although they're not the most pigmented, they do look nice when applied properly. The lightest shade does require a heavy hand, but the other two colours glide on easily.

2) ELF Natural Eyeshadow Palette
Price - £3.50
I am slightly torn with this product... The two matte shadows on the top row are difficult to work with as they barley show on the skin, which to me seems like a waste. 
However the dark matte colour is perfect for creating a smokey look. It also blends really well with the shimmer shades, something i didn't expect.
So overall, i do like this product & would recommend it as you can easily create a variety of different looks.

3) ELF Studio Blush - Blushing Rose
Price - £3.50

LOVELOVELOVE... Easily my favourite find in ages. This is a gorgeous mid-pink, with gold flicks. Extremely pigmented, meaning it blends reaaaally well. Would look great on all skin types / colours. The above colour is really close to what it looks like in real life, unlike the swatch that appears on the ELF website.

Hope your all well!
I'm so happy to see that the riots seem to have stopped, *fingers crossed* that it stays this way!


Yona said...

We don't have ELF in my country but it seems that it's a really good brand with an awesome price. Loved the things you got and they're so cheap! That's amazing!

G A B Y said...

Earth looks gorgeous, and what a bargain!

Amanda said...

I have that blush and use it allllll the time! LOVE it. And so so cheap!
But I do agree about the ELF swatches, they are quite ridiculous!

Cee Harvey said...

the first product looks really good!
great review

Temporary:Secretary said...

I'm loving all the Elf products that are doing the rounds on the blogosphere - definitely making me want to buy something from their range! x

Dollyfaces said...

The ELF palette and blush look lovely! x

Sarah said...

Wow these colors are amazing!