Monday, 17 October 2011

Dear drain, can I have my money back?

My makeup collection is filled with things i seriously wish i hadn't bothered with. I know i should get rid of all these things, but it feels like pouring money down the drain... after all, you never know when you'll need a bronzer that is a dupe for cement or a lip gloss that makes your lips peel.

#1 - ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
Dont be decieved by how semi decent this looks in the pan, this is without doubt the worst bronzer that i have ever used. I've read tonnes of reviews saying this is a NARS dupe... it's not, not even close. It's a horrible colour and dull on the skin... i know at £3.50 your probably thinking "well what did you expect?"... alot more, on the whole ELF are brilliant, this product lets them down though.

#2 - Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
The moral of this story? Don't believe the hype! I have red tonnes and tonnes of reviews raving about this mascara, some going as far as to say this is the best mascara they have ever used. This is one of the worst i've ever tortured my eyes into wearing. It's SO wet, clumpy, smudgy and tear jerking (literally makes me cry!) Applying it is harder than running a marathon (not that i've done the latter, but go with me). If you blink it smudges & you can say bye bye to your eye-shadow! Be warned!

#3 - ELF Liquid Lipstick
Pigment is rubbish. Smells like chemicals. Lasts about a second. Stings lips... need i say more?

#4 - Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick
Ever wondered what it feels like to rub sand on your lips seconds after applying a glossy lipstick? No? Me neither, except this lipstick kindly showed me how it feels... not good. The worst textured lipstick I have ever used, the colours are nothing special either. Avoid if you can!

Swatches (in case you need further evidence...)
(L-R: elf liquid lipstick, ELF blush&bronze duo, Loreal lipstick)

I've had a truly shit couple of weeks, so fancied doing a post that justified my moaning ;-)
Hope your all well, i'm focusing on posting a lot more than i have done as of late!


Monday, 3 October 2011

sleek minx...

I finally bought a pout paint, after wanting to try them for ages! I planned on buying "milkshake" too, but it looked a bit bright for everyday use, so i settled on "minx".

This is literally the amount you need... about half a pea size because they are so pigmented!
You cannot apply these like like a lipgloss, if you do they will just look wet, thick and smudgy. I dot a tiny amount on my lips and then blend in using a lip brush, which creates a lipstick-y finish. 

They don't have lasting power that rivals OCC lip tars, but they last for a good few hours. If you've never tried something like this before i suggest you try this Sleek one before 'investing' in and OCC, purely because these are not for everyone and are half the price of their american rival ;-)

Sorry this isnt a mega detailed post, i've been ill for ages (hense the lack of posts).
Hopefully i'm on the mend, got lots of good ideas for some new posts, so check back soon!