Monday, 3 October 2011

sleek minx...

I finally bought a pout paint, after wanting to try them for ages! I planned on buying "milkshake" too, but it looked a bit bright for everyday use, so i settled on "minx".

This is literally the amount you need... about half a pea size because they are so pigmented!
You cannot apply these like like a lipgloss, if you do they will just look wet, thick and smudgy. I dot a tiny amount on my lips and then blend in using a lip brush, which creates a lipstick-y finish. 

They don't have lasting power that rivals OCC lip tars, but they last for a good few hours. If you've never tried something like this before i suggest you try this Sleek one before 'investing' in and OCC, purely because these are not for everyone and are half the price of their american rival ;-)

Sorry this isnt a mega detailed post, i've been ill for ages (hense the lack of posts).
Hopefully i'm on the mend, got lots of good ideas for some new posts, so check back soon!



Ellie said...

Pout Paint! How have I never heard of this?! Love the color you chose. I should also try the concealer!


Alina Anghel said...

sounds great!xx

T.Rose said...

hi Jen,
thanks for your lovely comment :)
i'm glad you left it, as i hadn't seen your blog before and i love it! Always need more good beauty blogs to read :)

keep well

Peach said...

this is a nice review, I've never heard of Pout Paint but I should try it! it's so pigmented and it's really in a nice shade!

It seems pretty obvious. said...

I've wanted to try one of these for ages! But we don't have sleek in Sweden :( But I think I would go for this colour, it looks really nice! Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Pretty colour! Feel better soon lovely. x hivenn

Style Pony said...

I really love the look of the Sleek Pout Paints, I love all the amazing colours you can get them in!

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Wow, that pigment does look pretty amazing. It seems you'd get a lot of use out of that little tube!

x Michelle |


Happy days that looks awesome! Looking to stock up my lip glosses for Christmas so will seek out this one!
Get well soon.

Michelle Farrell said...

the pout paint looks so nifty and the color looks pretty! wow i guess the tube will last a really long time :)

Ashley said...

This is a gorgeous color ! Nice review, might have to go try some of this x

Sandra said...

This looks amazing, I'll definitely try it!