Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What's In My Bag / On-the-Go Makeup?!

So i use one of those bags and I love it; it literally goes with everything and can hold all of my junk. I bought it from Ebay and you can buy it here.

River Island Purse // Floral Makeup Bag // Phone (Samsung Galaxy S) // Ipod Classic // Comb // Hair band & Pins // Ghost Perfume // CK Diary

On-the-go makeup - Pink Vaseline (<3!) // NC Blush // Benefit Concealer // Rimmel Powder // MAC lipstick // ELF Mineral Lipgloss // C2000 Liquid Eye Liner // C200 Kohl Pencil // PU brush

I constantly rave about Pink Vaseline, it is so easy to apply and adds a hint of pink, unlike other lip balms. I always carry a lipstick, usually a MAC as you only need to apply them once, the staying power of Creme Cup (above) still amazes me. 

So that's it, not the most exciting post, but one that has been requested a couple of times. 
I haven't been shopping in what seems like forever, so apologies for the lack of posts!
Any of you done a similar post, would love you to link me!
Jen xxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

If you can find the time...

These are a few products I have loved / hated this week...

Benefit Coralista Blush - My new favorite blush. I couldn't find the Sleek blush i was after this week, so I treated myself to this instead. It is a beautiful deep pink color, with a slight shimmer. It is the perfect pink color for the summer and the packaging is lovely. I would defiantly recommend this to you all :-)

ELF Studio Powder Brush - Love this! The bristles are really dense, meaning it is really good for blending powders. I wouldn't recommend this for applying liquid foundation, although it is good for using after application, as it creates a lovely finish.

Barry M Ice Cream Nail varnishes (Blueberry & Strawberry) - These are cute colours, perfect for the summer. I do like the pink more than the blue (would have preferred the blue to be paler), but will defiantly be wearing both. At £2.90 each, you can't really go wrong.

ELF Studio Lip Balm - HATE THIS! It has the consistency of warm glue, awful. It shows every little crack on your lip and is anything but moisturizing. Do not waste your money buying this, the pink Vaseline is half the price and 10 times better!

Hope your all well & not stressing too much about exams!
Jen x x 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday Musings #4

001 - I attempted dotty nails this week. It went better than expected actually, considering I've never done them before. I have watched a few 'how to' videos, so will be attempting it again soon. I want to attempt leopard print nails too, has anyone read a good 'how to' post? Links would be much appreciated :)

002 - Fiiinally my phone arrived & i love it. My sister nicknamed it 'the gypsy iphone', as it is literally an iphone, just without some of the apple apps. I did love my blackberry, but it was time to move on ;)

003 - I have re-fallen in love with the Arctic Monkeys. They haven't had any new songs out in ages, but their new album 'Suck It and See' is due out soon, and after hearing a few of the songs on Jools Holland I have pre-ordered it. They are also headlining V fest, so i am beyond excited to see them! 

004 - I really want to try out a couple of the Sleek Blushes, particually 'Flamingo' and 'Rose Gold', would love to know your thoughts first though.

As for my lack of posting... sorry. I have been condemned to revise for my AS levels that are taking place over the next couple of weeks, the first is tomorrow (eek).
Promise i will be back to regular posts soon.
Jen x x x

Friday, 13 May 2011

MAC Lip Dupes...

I don't understand the MAC hype. I think it's just that... hype. Yes their lipsticks are very good quality and on the odd occasion i treat myself to one, but as a regular thing, i personally think they are overpriced. Maybe i'm just sour that i cant afford it, but the highstreet have always seemed to offer just as good versions.

Barry M 153 = MAC Chatterbox
I have been lusting for chatterbox for aaaaages, but couldn't really justify the price as i would rarely wear it during the day. After reading a lipstick post on Kate's blog I found myself buying this lipstick this week and have already worn it twice. New favourite <3

Bourjois Peche Accro = MAC Vegas Volt / Costa Chick
Vegas Volt looked ridiculous on me, faaaar too bright and Costa Chick came out pinker than i expected. This lipstick is the perfect in-between. You can get it from fragrancedirect for about £2, such a bargain.

Barry M 153 // Bourjois Peche Accro
* The bourjois lipstick appears a brighter coraly / orange colour in real life.

Appologies for the lack of blogging too. My exams are next week, so i have been kidnapped by revision :(
Good luck to anyone doing any exams starting next week! Back to blogging soon.
Jen x x x

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Its an obsession...

Floral prints. I have always thought there's something very 'British' about floral prints & my wardrobe has recently welcomed a few new floral pieces, ready for summer :-)

Shorts - Primark // Playsuit - Paper Sun // Dress - H&M // Flip flops - Primark

I know florals in summer isnt anything new and exciting, but i think the highstreet is bang on this season. The shorts were a bargain at £9 and i'll be wearing them with a dark blue/grey vest constantly this summer. The playsuit was my splurge, at £24.99, but is so 'minimum effort' i couldnt resist! Another bargain with the dress, £7.99 from H&M. It comes up very short, so i went a size larger than normal ;)

Hope your all well,
Still having problems with my internet, hopefully be back soon!

x x x x