Friday, 13 May 2011

MAC Lip Dupes...

I don't understand the MAC hype. I think it's just that... hype. Yes their lipsticks are very good quality and on the odd occasion i treat myself to one, but as a regular thing, i personally think they are overpriced. Maybe i'm just sour that i cant afford it, but the highstreet have always seemed to offer just as good versions.

Barry M 153 = MAC Chatterbox
I have been lusting for chatterbox for aaaaages, but couldn't really justify the price as i would rarely wear it during the day. After reading a lipstick post on Kate's blog I found myself buying this lipstick this week and have already worn it twice. New favourite <3

Bourjois Peche Accro = MAC Vegas Volt / Costa Chick
Vegas Volt looked ridiculous on me, faaaar too bright and Costa Chick came out pinker than i expected. This lipstick is the perfect in-between. You can get it from fragrancedirect for about £2, such a bargain.

Barry M 153 // Bourjois Peche Accro
* The bourjois lipstick appears a brighter coraly / orange colour in real life.

Appologies for the lack of blogging too. My exams are next week, so i have been kidnapped by revision :(
Good luck to anyone doing any exams starting next week! Back to blogging soon.
Jen x x x


Carina said...

I've only ever brought foundation and finishing powder from mac. Wouldnt really wanna splurge out on lipsticks if there are cheaper dupes! I usually buy lipsticks from natural collection in the 'moisture shine' range :)
Those colours are so pretty - just right for summer!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a giveaway for a $75 gift card to old gold boutique if you'd like to check it out. xx

Anonymous said...

I must admit to being a bit of a MAC lipstick addict! But I will definitely be trying these dupes :) xxx

Halima @ DesignerSpray said...

I'm addicted to MAC lipsticks, although the only formula I like is matt and amplified because the colour is SO rich in colour and lasts a long time too.

Although I do think Barry M lip paints are super pigmented too. Wish they had more lipsticks though xo

ShopeDelano said...

I've always thought MAC is so over-hyped! Having said that I am lusting over some face makeup from there, but the lipsticks are too overpriced! Love the colour of the Bourjouis lipstick!
London's Closet xoxo

k come karolina said...

loooooove the colors!!!

xoxo from rome

Ellie said...

So I'm not sure if you know this (most likely not hah) but I'm kind of a lipstick fanatic. My collection grows daily, it's quite unhealthy. I love this post, and I may just have to go check these out .

Have a great day!