Monday, 17 October 2011

Dear drain, can I have my money back?

My makeup collection is filled with things i seriously wish i hadn't bothered with. I know i should get rid of all these things, but it feels like pouring money down the drain... after all, you never know when you'll need a bronzer that is a dupe for cement or a lip gloss that makes your lips peel.

#1 - ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
Dont be decieved by how semi decent this looks in the pan, this is without doubt the worst bronzer that i have ever used. I've read tonnes of reviews saying this is a NARS dupe... it's not, not even close. It's a horrible colour and dull on the skin... i know at £3.50 your probably thinking "well what did you expect?"... alot more, on the whole ELF are brilliant, this product lets them down though.

#2 - Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
The moral of this story? Don't believe the hype! I have red tonnes and tonnes of reviews raving about this mascara, some going as far as to say this is the best mascara they have ever used. This is one of the worst i've ever tortured my eyes into wearing. It's SO wet, clumpy, smudgy and tear jerking (literally makes me cry!) Applying it is harder than running a marathon (not that i've done the latter, but go with me). If you blink it smudges & you can say bye bye to your eye-shadow! Be warned!

#3 - ELF Liquid Lipstick
Pigment is rubbish. Smells like chemicals. Lasts about a second. Stings lips... need i say more?

#4 - Loreal Colour Riche Lipstick
Ever wondered what it feels like to rub sand on your lips seconds after applying a glossy lipstick? No? Me neither, except this lipstick kindly showed me how it feels... not good. The worst textured lipstick I have ever used, the colours are nothing special either. Avoid if you can!

Swatches (in case you need further evidence...)
(L-R: elf liquid lipstick, ELF blush&bronze duo, Loreal lipstick)

I've had a truly shit couple of weeks, so fancied doing a post that justified my moaning ;-)
Hope your all well, i'm focusing on posting a lot more than i have done as of late!



Victoria said...

im with you on the mascara - it was quite.. sharp on my eyes? definitely, definitely didnt make my lashes grow thats for sure..

also got that E.L.F lip stuff, pure crap isnt it! thank god i got it in their 50% off sale!


Dolly Daydream said...

This is a fantastic post, well its not, but it make me laugh!
I havent tried any of these products, and I am glad of it by the sounds of things!!

City Girls Fashion Box said...

this post is fab! :) lol i throughly agree on the bronzer EURGH - DO THESE PEOPLE WEAR MUD ON THEIR FACES!! Zxxxx

Anonymous said...

nothing better than a good moan, hahah! pretty happy now that i didn't go for the elf blush/bronzer- was quite gutted after hearing it was all the hype, but thank god now!

love your blog x

beth xo
ramz and the flock

DANI said...

i didn't like the ELF bronzer either...:P


Oh gosh I most definitely agree with the elf blush n bronzer I absolutely regret buying it especially for $10 :( the bronzer is so terrible & makes you look dirty! Its so crap! I have a few things I regret buying or wish I chosen a different shade haha! X

Mo said...

I've actually really enjoyed reading this post, it's refreshing to hear someone talk about the shit side of products!
Hope this post helped get some of your frustraion out and your having a better week now.

Michelle Farrell said...

so glad I haven't tried these, and by your post I don't think I would try them at all! :) thanks for sharing love.

chloe chante said...

like youre blog,xx

Yuliya said...

Oooh i really like that liquid lipstic! Need to test it out! Thank you! xx

Wise Rabbit Says said...

Now I know to steer clear Thanks !!
hope your day/week is looking up :)

Ashley x
come visit :)
might cheer you up :) x

catflicks said...

haha i love this post! I've never tried any of these, and I definitely won't now either. It's nice to see people being honest about products in reviews if products are crap, instead of reading that everything is brilliant!



Chlo said...

This made me giggle!! :) Thanks for being so honest though!

Jen Umm said...

i have the elf blush and its perfect for day, the colours blend very well for the apple of your cheek and your cheek bones !