Saturday, 26 March 2011

Don't Hold Your Breath...

I've read tonnes of good reviews about this product, including ones that said it was best for people with pale skin, so i decided to treat myself and try it out :)

To be completley honest, it wasnt what i expected. It comes out very pale (not the same as it looks in the box) & you have to apply more than usual for it to take effect. It's definatley not going to be a favourite of mine, but it is nice for a change i guess.

I love the packaging, smell and quantity, its just a shame that it wasnt the colour i expected. I actually think it might be better in summer, when my face has a slight tan, so i will do another review if my views change :)

I do like the look of "Thrrrob" though, definatley going to be brighter, anyone got it and reccomend it?

Hope your all having a good weekend,
x x x x


Sunshine Sam said...

I really want to try the new benefit blush in Bella Bamba! Im a new follower and already love your blog. I have also noticed we have a lot of the same things haha xx

QuiteQuaint said...

i have really pale skin too and found that this blusher just doesnt show up enough for me, i was quite disappointed considering the price. i love the peach coloured one though x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.
I've never tried this, so thanks for the review.

isabelle said...

aw sweet blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should show us the color of the blush! I haven't heard a lot of good things about this one though.

Jen said...

thank you girls :)

@amaris - I did upload the bottom picture, but it corrupted & wasn't showing, just re-uploaded it so you should be able to see.

Hannah. said...

I really love Dandelion, in fact I love most of the benefit powders! But unfortunately I'm saving up at the moment :(

Lovely blog, I'm now following!
Do you think you could maybe do the same back! :)?

lots of love, hannah xxx

Chloe... said...

Aww well at least you've tried it now!

I haven't had a Benefit blusher yet, the size of the box puts me off cos it's too big!

Love your blog, following now :)

Chloe... x

Joanna K. said...

love your blog!!following you!!
pls check out mine I'd love your opinion!!


PrettyGirrrlSwag said...

Awesome blog! did this blush just recently come out?? you should post pics of what it looks like on your skin! will def. be following your page!

Also, i'd love it if you could check out my blog! Its still young & growing, so check back for more updates! Thanks! :D


Anna said...

The packaging is so pretty and the colour is lovely. Your blog is very sweet, definitely following you :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

That's a shame, it looks so pretty. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

We Are The Crowd said...

Thanks for this review! I was tempted to buy this as I'm in need of a blusher but I'm really pale and after what you've said, this may not give much of an effect :)
We followed!

Love Ellen

kay eh tea ei. said...

I bought this yeeears ago and had the same problem, but since found out its not actually a blush but a face powder! o_o apparently its just meant to give you a bit of colour. I really want the new bella bamba blush and throbb! xo.

minnja said...

Lovely blog !!!

LOVE minnja

Lauren Baker said...

I completely agree, I was a bit shocked by how un-pigmented it seemed! But it does create a pretty pink flush when enough is used. Absolutely love your blog!