Saturday, 2 June 2012

Magazine Freebies...

I cannot resist free goodies, even if they're not technically free!

GLAMOUR magazine - Benefit Samples
That Gal Primer > POREfessional pore minimiser & primer
There's also a choice of a mini Bad Gal mascara, but I have the full size version.

I really like both of these, but prefer That Gal, as it gives a more refreshed, dewey look, which i prefer during the summer. I apply it all over my face & then apply my foundation. For me, POREfessional looks better for a night out, as it is 100% matte on my skin. Little tip, do not apply this without moisturising first, it will dry your skin out hugely!

InStyle magazine - Body Shop Eye-liners

I LOVE these liners!

I was in superdrug looking for a new kohl liner when i noticed these. The magazine costs £3.80 and you get two full sized liners with it, which is a complete bargain, as they're about a tenner each in the shop. I love the navy one most, as it's dark enough, but much softer than wearing black everyday.

- Jen
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Stace said...

Ah yeah benefit is awesome!! I alos love the bodyshop liners - I actually have both the black and navy :)

x Stace

PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

nicola said...

I reallllllly need to get my hands on these ASAP! xxx

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Benefit, I cannot get enough of their products. You're so lucky that Glamour in the UK does that, I remember some time ago they had Clinique products. I wish we got that!

Amour, Stephanie | The Gypsy Den

Josefína said...

omg these all things are totally bargains! =) I wanna try benefit pore... ;)=) and I love body shop cosmetics at all;)=)

Katharine Louise said...

I picked up glamour today and got the pore-fessional primer, can't wait to try it as I've wanted to for ages! xx

Anonymous said...

I got the mascara as I was running out, very pleased with it for £2! I really wanted to try the that gal primer though, sadly didn't have it in stock though!

Dilan Dilir said...

such a pretty blog :D love magazines! following you now,awsome girl ♥

Andrea Dyck said...

So jealous! I would love to get those magazines! (definitely a good selling feature :P)


Rhea Dillon said...

Been meaning to get a good primer shall definitely try That Gal primer