Tuesday, 1 February 2011

In a black and white world true colours show.

Just a quick update... this is my new piercing! Its called the Helix, and hurts like mad. I had it pierced a few months ago, but only just put this ring in as it was a birthday present. As its cartilage, it doesn't heel for a year!! I love it though. Any of you have any cool piercings?

I was going to do a review of Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, but i realised alot of people have already done them, so i will just say it's brilliant and my new fave. It really thickens, darkens and lengthens my lashes. Costs £10.99, i promise its worth the price, every girl should have it :-)

I am jammed this week. So much school work, three days of work, driving lesson and two birthday parties. I will sit and update again at the weekend, i wont get a chance before then, sorry.

I also just want to thank Irene (ireneandablog) and Kim (sweetmonday) for mentioning me, I love both their blogs so it was really lovely / slightly surreal to see my little blog haha! So hello to any new followers.

- J xxx


Rose said...

I have that piercing! with a ring in too. I did mine myself a few months ago and it's okay now..Got quit infected though and hurt a lot! the ring made mine worse too. I also just piercing another bit of my ear haha! I love piercings x

jen. said...

i didnt have the balls to do it myself haha ;-)
& i already want another, wierdly addicting! xx

elle said...

oooof, my friend had that done and she said it bloody wrecked! elle x

elle & the fashion folk

head over heels said...

this looks amazing, shame i'm too much of a chicken to get it done! x

Butterfly said...

i like your blog :) what you think about following each other !