Saturday, 29 January 2011

cross my heart...

Two lovely little packages dropped through the letterbox this week, I love online shopping as it brings so much happiness when a package finally arrives :-)

Its not often i buy the 'It' thing, but i literally couldnt resist this one. As you've probably noticed i loooove rings and always find an excuse to buy more! Seeing as there is no way i could afford that YSL ring, i decided to buy this infamous double cross ring, and am so glad i did :)

In total, it cost £6.40 (as i get 20% off on asos, through my student discount!), and i can already tell that this is going to be one of my most worn rings.

My second ring purchase is one of those scrabble rings. I know everyone and their nan seems to have both of these rings, but there are some things a girl literally cant resist! I first noticed Pixie Lott wearing one, and then Jameela Jamil on T4, so i googled them and stumbled across VIPXO's blog shop & bought one via paypal ;-)

It cost a total of £3.50, including P&P, and arrived in 6 days. I've also seen them on Ebay and if you dont like shopping online, i've also spotted them at Camden market a few times.

Also a little tip - if rings start to turn your finger green, paint round the inside with clear nailvarnish (2-3 coats!), works everytime.
- J xx


nicola said...

just started following your blog - love it! :)
love both rings, im hoping to get them too :)
keep posting lovely things :D

sundaygirl said...

Lovely rings! I often can't help buying 'it' things too :)

elle said...

hey j, i've just found your blog and i love it - definitely a new follower! i especially love the asos cross bracelet. i really wanted one but they sold out around christmas (must be restocked!) and now llymlrs is making them, i'm a happy lady.

♥ elle

elle & the fashion folk

ShopeDelano said...

Gorgeous double cross ring! I think i Might have to jump on the band wagon and get one :)


kirstyb said...

i have the cross ring! love it x

Hannah said...

I love both these rings! I went to be the cross one the other day but they had sold out in my size! Luckily they're getting more in so woop!! Love scrabble jewellery, I have an H necklace and brooch but a ring would be cool too!!!

Hannah xx

Lis said...

I have the double finger cross ring to and I wear it almost every day ... but this scrabble ring is so coool :)

Miss*Kimmy said...

I love that cross ring too, and almost bought it last weekend at Aldo. I'd kill for the blue YSL ring!

Jane said...

gorgeous rings - i love the cross one

Lis said...

No Topshop card ... it´s from H&M, but from a while ago, I think a month or 3, maybe if you look good, you will find it :)!


Rosa* said...

i looove that ring with the cross! follow you(: xxRosa

FloraH said...

wow I love that cross ring!
FLora x

FloraH said...

wow I love that cross ring!
Flora x