Monday, 28 February 2011

Londons calling...

So today i spent the day mooching around Westfields and Camden Market. Although i didnt buy as much as i'd hoped i did manage to pick up a couple of things...

Firstly i popped into MAC. I have been wanting a lipstick foreverrrrr so i decided to do it properly and ask the mua for some guidence. She suggested Creme Cup (a blogger fave) and Chatterbox. As i have never had a MAC before i decided just to buy one, and if i liked it get the other one next time i was shopping... I decided to get Creme Cup as i thought i could wear it on a more day to day basis.

As this is so popular i wont do a big review on it as i've seen a million before, so i will just say I love it & am definatley now a MAC convent! Creme Cup is a gorgeous pale pink, but not cheap looking like most pale pinks. Athough its matte it isnt drying and lasts for hours :)

Next time i see a MAC counter i will not be able to refrain from buying another, even at £13.50... completley worth the investment!

Lastly i bought 2 nail polishes from a store called "Beauty Base". They were only 99p so i wasnt expecting much but they arent half bad! I have no doubt they will chip after a couple of days and go gloopy after a couple of months, but for right now they are good. The colours i chose are "Lilac Frost" and "Live". I love the first as it is a less scary alternative to white.

Hope your all well,
x x x


FloraH said...

that's such a pretty colour of lipstick, definetly a good choice!
Flora x

Lauren - Noir Nouvelle said...

Ahhh, that's it! I'm going to go ahead and buy myself a creme cup! :-P

nicola said...

I've been thinking of investing in a MAC lipstick for a while now - might have a look at this one, looks like such a lovely colour!
nicola xx

Creations and Inspirations said...

cute blog I love all the fun product reviews! I just found your blog I am glad I did! I am new follower hello from Utah :)