Sunday, 20 February 2011

someone like you...

This is a necklace i got from Primark a couple of months ago for about £2.00 & decided to take a picture of it as i was bored & delaying all the work i should be doing. 

This past week has been abit quiet, as i havent been very well & had a couple of days off college. However lying in my sick bed meant i could download lots of music, something i havent done in ages. I am in love with Adele at the moment! Her voice astounds me & her performance at the brits was amazing. I also downloaded Kanye West's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and was pretty impressed. "Runaway" and "Power" are my personal favourites. Any new music your rating highly atm?  

Oh and I'm also interested in adding a few more blogs to my reading list, so if you know of any hidden gems, or want me to look at yours leave me a link.  - J xxx


nicola said...

gorgeous necklace! :)
im loving Jessie J at the moment, but need to get onto itunes and download some stuff - this has reminded me, thankyou!
would love it if you were to have a look at my blog, a lot of it is rather amateurish, but if you have any suggestions on how i could improve/what i could post about pleasee let me know :)
love your blog - keep up the good work! :D
nicola xx

emily connick said...

love the necklace! check out my blog please?

thanks! xxx

Cylia said...

hope you feel better soon:) and having a great friday;)! I like the bird necklace and the little flower:)