Saturday, 31 March 2012

New In: Revlon Lip Butter & 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick

Right - Revlon lip butter // Left - 17 supreme 

Revlon Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie - £7.99
I have been eagerly awaiting trying these every since they came out in the US. When they finally came to England I found my local store only stocking four of the shades (so annoyed), but luckily 'Berry Smoothie' was one of them. It is a gorgeous mid-pink that glides onto the lips, leaving a gorgeous shine. The pigmentation was much better than i expected too! My only gripe is that the staying power is pretty poor, but I kind of expected that as it's essentially a tinted lip conditioner. 
Overall - 8/10

17 Supreme Shine Lipstick - Barely Blush - £4.99
Bought this whilst i was away in Liverpool, as i forgot my regular lipstick (doh). At a fiver, you can't really go wrong. Creamy texture, mid pink and pretty packaging... basically everything i look for in an every-day lipstick. However, the packaging constantly has finger prints on, so if you're a bit OCD this might annoy you!
Overall 7/10

BUT -  The colours are so similar! I really don't need both in my collection, as they literally look the same on my lips. The Revlon is slightly more glossy, but that it pretty much the only difference. So if you're looking for a cheaper version, or want one that's slightly matte, the 17 is the one for you... although personally i prefer the Revlon, simply because it's so creamy & has that little bit of gloss!


Catherine said...

I love Barely Blush, I really want to try the lip butters but my Boots hasn't got them in yet x

Fubtabulous said...

I really want to try out the lip butters, berry smoothie looks like a really lovely colour so I think I'm going to try that one! :) great post by the way :) have a lovely day xo

Eloise said...

Really need to get my mits on some of these lip butters, seen them everywhere recently and they look awesome


Michelle Farrell said...

same, i personally prefer the lip butter for that extra gloss so you don't need to add another lip gloss coat on top :)


with love,

Clay said...

I got the berry lipbutter too, it is amazing ! xx

Mitha Komala said...

i also use Revlon for most of my makeups product, they have the best powder and nailpolish for me ;) nice review dear. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

Anonymous said...

This is so freaky! Yesterday I swatched both of these colours on my hand and also thought how similiar they were;) Love both their colour pay off!