Friday, 30 March 2012

Week(s) in photos #3...

Remember me?
Little catch up post as I seem to have fallen of the face of the earth the past couple of weeks. Two weeks off now, meaning i have a good few posts coming up, including some reviews of the bits and bobs featured in this post!

1 - Pre night out picture, my hair grew so long, but I had it cut yesterday (boo).
2 - Spent a few days in Liverpool visiting one of the unis. Fell in love with it!
3 - Mythic oil, my new hair savior! Review coming.
4 - My healthy eating plan has gone out of the window... along with my willpower.
5 - Brazil nut body butter (body shop) & Vanilla fountain bbomb (lush) <3
6 - The reason by blog has been so dead!
7 - New bits & bobs, all of which i plan to review this week.

I've also updated the layout, like / not like / think it's crap? 

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Clay said...

Your hair is SO long ! I love it ! Looking forward to these reviews and the new layout is very nice ! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new layout, and I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming reviews :) xx

Mrs. Behind These Blue Eyes said...

Great haul! Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is AMAZING! :) x

Fubtabulous said...

Your hair looks really gorgeous there! xx