Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week in photos #2...

I know everyone is doing these, but i love reading them & they're the easiest thing ever to compose as I take pictures of everything anyway. Bit of a mix of things this week, as its been half term and I've basically just been working and sleeping.

1 - The snow came & it came hard... miserable 2 days!
2 - River Island Necklace, £7. Best bargain i've had in ages, literally goes with everything i own.
3 - I wish i was a cat so i could sleep all day & party all night.
4 - My "celebrity inspired stud bottom bag" aka the Rocco copy... love it.
5 - Delicious new laptop
6 - Sleek Contour Kit, finally found a colour that doesn't exaggerate the fact that i'm from Essex
7 - Westfields @ Stratford. I don't think i like it that much... but i keep going.
8 - My new 'spending' book, trying to keep track of everything.
9 - I'm having a love affair with Lush. My bath is a different colour every night of the week.



Minna said...

Your blog seems very interesting. Would you mind following each other? =)


Emily. said...

i love these posts, too! love yours :) and your blog :D following!


Josefína said...

I just love posts like this one too! =)

Clay said...

Loving the necklace ! xx

Dollyfaces said...

The spending books such a good idea, I love lush at the moment too, I'm addicted to their soaps! So jealous of your lovely new laptop! x

nicola said...

im not a fan of snow either! but your bath looks such a pretty colour, gotta love lush! xx

Shope said...

Oooh, what's the face contour kit like? Spending book is the best idea ever, definitely need one of those!
xoxo, Shope

FlirtingwithFashion said...

such a lovely post :)
i love westfield :D they have so many stores in it. i think i love it so much, because here in germ you haven't got any comparable mall like that. :/
and your cat is so cute :)
i followed your blog, because I think it's great! :) maybe you'll have a look also on mine :))


!* FlirtingwithFashion *!

Deanna said...

Your cat is so cute! Lovely pictures x

Sandra said...

I need to get myself the Rocco copy :)
It's a perfect bag! x

VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

I really like collar necklaces at the moment and £7 does seem like a bargain! I need to get to River Island!

ps. very sweet cat!

Carlito86 said...

Still love my 'Wangalike' almost a year later! And absolutely love Lush :) xx