Saturday, 18 February 2012

If i had all the money in the world / Some spare cash...

Blogging is bad for me. Every week I discover something expensive that I convince myself i need... except i don't have the funds to buy any of these lovely things, because i'm just a bloody student. But I am determined to get a couple of these over the next few weeks (fingers crossed)!

001 - American Apparel Disco Pants (£70)
I have seen a million bloggers sporting these and I have convinced myself that my wardrobe will never be complete without them. The only thing is i'm 5'9, so worried that they won't be long enough, as the website says they're only 30" & i'm usually a 32-4". Oh and the price... that's lame too. However, next time I see them in store I'll be trying them on and praying for a discount to come around.

002 - Ted Baker RONNEE Purse (£69)
I know that nearly seventy quid is a stupid amount to spend on a purse, but mine is falling to pieces (literally) and i feel like a purse is something to invest in, as it can potentially last for years. I'd never save enough for a Mulberry or a MuiMui, so this is my best option. Plus the colour is so bloody cute it's ridiculous.

003 - NARS Laguna Bronzer (£24)
I don't really ever wear bronzer, so why I feel the urgent need to buy this is beyond me (I am ridiculous, I know). I think it's probably the packaging, love it. I would probably be better off buying a blusher, exept i'm banned from buying them as i have so many. Safe to say I'm 98% sure this won't be entering my collection anytime soon.

004 - American Aparell Fisherman Jumper (£66)
Thepersianbabe on youtube has been raving about these jumpers and they look like exactly what i've been after all winter. I really really want one, but not sure i can justify spending so much on one jumper. Most of you probably don't think it's that much, but I've never spend over £40 on what is essentially a slobby jumper. But out of all the above, this is one i may have to 'invest' in!

TOTAL - £229 (I still have a holiday to pay off, so this is NEVER going to happen!)


PS - I love seeing wishlist posts, so if you've done one recently leave me a link! :)


musicandmollie said...

Oh my gosh, the colour of that Ted Baker purse is flipping gorgeous! :)

Dollyfaces said...

I really want Laguna x

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I really want some disco pants too but i have longer legs like you *massive sad face!* Those ted baker purse are great btw, totally worth the money, my mum goes through purses like santa goes through wrapping paper, and the patent ted baker purse are indestructible! (she had a non patent one and it didnt last long so defo stick to patent)


Chloe... said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I got my disco pants on that 2hr 30% off discount code! I don't think I'd pay £70 for them, not quite worth it I don't think. Make sure you're following their twitter in case they do it again!!!

I'm 5'5 ish I think, and they're kind of baggy around my ankles. I reckon they'll be fine on you, even if they're not all the way to your ankles they'll still look good I reckon! But yeh, try them on and see :)

Chloe x

Clay said...

Love the pants and the bronzer !! xx

Carlito86 said...

If I had the figure I would be snapping up those disco pants, I love them! x

Eve xox said...

I seriously love those disco pants! Been eyeing them up for ages! Let me know what they're like if you invest! Check out my blog :) EVEXO xoxox