Monday, 6 February 2012

High End Newbies - Worth the Hype?

I've never been the type of person who is bothered by brands such as MAC, Sigma or YSL, but being a blogger there is blog after blog that constantly post about them... so i felt like i should see if they were worth the hype and buy a few things (any excuse ay?!)

- Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush
- YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #1 (nude beige)
- MAC eyeshadow in 'Shroom'
- MAC Sheertone Blush in 'Pinch O' Peach'

Price: £13.99
Worth the Hype / Price? Yes
I love this brush! I was struggling to find a brush that would blend my thick double wear foundation, but this does the trick. It's so soft, creates a lovely finish and is easy to use. If you wear a medium-high coverage foundation i would definitely recommend this. It also works well for cream blushes :)

Price: £22
Worth the Hype / Price? Not really
I fell in love with the packaging more than anything else. The formula is quite thin and if you have any cracks or crevices on your lips this bugger will get them. I love the colour, but cannot wear this lipstick without applying a balm or gloss over the top. Weirdly, I am glad i have this in my collection, but will not be rushing out to by another. I would much rather spend £13.50 on a MAC lipstick if i wanted a new high end.

Price: £11
Worth the Price / Hype? Yes
I have used this eye shadow every single day since i bought it 3 weeks ago. It's a shimmery white colour, which i usually just pair with black eye-liner. I love using it when i have dark and smokey eyes too. Great base that has a little bit of a sparkle. I will definitely be re-purchasing it when it runs out!

Price: £17 (RRP)
Worth the Hype / Price? Yes
Again, I have worn this product every single day since buying it. As it is a sheertone it creates a lovely flush of colour without being too obvious, meaning it is perfect for sixth form and work. The colour lasts for ages even when I barely have any on and really suits my pale skin. It is not peachy like the name suggests, but instead a beautiful mid-light pink... lovelovelove.

AND I found out yesterday that this product is currently selling on Fragrance Direct for a tenner, so i would really recommend you try this or another one out!

Have you tried out any high end products recently that are now staples? Or that didn't hit the mark? Leave your links!
Jen xxx


Blaming Beauty said...

This is such a useful post! I use double wear too so I'm really tempted to try that brush. Also, I've never had a MAC blush before and for only £10 I'm finding it hard to convince myself not to buy one..thanks for the link!xx

Blaming Beauty said...

Oh dear I've given in already, I bought two blushers! haha xx

Glitter Detector said...

I've tried a few including some Mac goodies too and Urban Decay I'm obsessed with Urban Decay ahah! I actually wrote a review recently of the last blush I got from mac here's the link if you want to read it The Pinch O' Peach looks beautiful, I need to give it a closer look the next time I go to mac. Great post xx

Jenn said...

@BlamingBeauty - haha I don't blame you! They're such a bargain on that website & you can get two for just a couple of quid more than one costs in the MAC shop!

@GlitterDetector - the link you left is a link to my blog haha! oops!

x x x

Clay said...

Thank you for posting this ! It was very useful ! xxx

Victoria said...

i always wonder about the hyped up products whether they are actually amazing of just that way because they're so hyped up! i really want the sigma f82, i tried a stippling brush from elf but it's not the same!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as you, I wasn't a high end girl, but blogging made me go for it and I LOVE my Sigma F80 brush! xxx

ShopeDelano said...

Love this post! Definitley going to buy the sigma f82, the price I think is really reasonable! In response to whether the riding pants are worth £70 I can't even emphasise how much they are worth more than that! They are so versatile go with everything - it's a struggle not to wear them every day! Ah, don't hesistate if your'e considering - I'm looking to buy my next 2 pairs in new york, I can't resist!
xo Shope

Ellie said...

This is an awesome review! I recently bought an Estee Lauder lipcolor (not sure which one, ugh) for $30 and I'm so disappointed! The color is much like the YSL, and shows every crack on your lips. Totally not worth the money!


Jazz said...

I'm the same I would rather buy new clothes then more expensive make-up! BUT this post is great thank you!

Jazz xo

Abigail Hanley said...

ive really wanted to try sigma brushes for a while.

great blog, followwed!:)

Michelle Farrell said...

great review :) oh man, if only mac prices were cheaper here, i'd buy tonnes of shadows!


Lívia Moreira said...

Nice blog and post!

I simply love the F82 from Sigma and all the other Kabukis! I use them every single day and they are cheap for what they offer right?!

I haven't tried the other products but they look nice as well!

Come visit my blog too there's give way going on!


Maya said...

Nice post, I use that brush and it is perfect for me

LauraMck said...

I really enjoyed reading this post... I want to get the MAC blush and eyeshadow you mentioned:):) xxx

Katharine Louise said...

Thats a shame you didn't like the lippy, you wanted it for ages! ah well you've got some other lovely pieces, that blush looks gorgeous I'm lusting after it now even thought I definitely don't need any more blushers aha! Also really want to get a sigma brush this one looks amazing! xx

Hannah said...

I love Sigma brushes xxx

Hannah said...

I love Sigma brushes xxx

Hannah said...

I love Sigma brushes xxx

Hannah said...

I love Sigma brushes xxx

Lateefah said...

love ur blog
that yves saint laurant lipstick is lush!

Sarah said...

I NEED to get some mac products in my life! loving your blog, now a follower :)