Friday, 20 April 2012

Little Egyptian Haul...

I could have spent so much at duty free, especially on MAC & Benefit goodies, as i can't usually justify the full RRP. But, i managed to tame myself and only get a few bits! (which i now regret!)

I also did some shopping at the markets in Egypt. I loved bartering, as the sellers always start at a ridiculous price and the game was to get them down to as low as possible. Tip - put it back and start to walk away if they're being stubborn, they'll come chasing after you! It's £10 Egyptian to £1 English, so it was really easy to work out how much things cost :)

I love MAC Mineralise skin finish! I tend to wear medium - full coverage foundations, so applying a powder over the top often makes it feel very heavy. This does the complete opposite. My face feels soft and light and i'm convinced it's helped make my base last longer too.
The Victoria's Secret fragrance mist was bought on a spur, simply because we can't get the brand here in the UK. It smells lovely and is handy to have in my bag.
This Loreal Rouge Caress lipstick is a new favourite lip product. It reminded me hugely of my staple "Belle by 17" lipstick, only i think this is nicer! It's a natural lip colour, with a hint of pink and gorgeous buttery consistency. Plus it's staying power isn't bad either :)

Finally some bits i picked up from the markets. The purse was about 50p and i thought it was just cute to have to remind me of the holiday. The "Ray Bans" are obviously fake, but not too shabby looking. The bloke wanted £10 for them, but i managed to get him down to £3. I wore them for a few days and love them!

I also got some Egyptian perfume, which smells exactly like Chanel Chance & a couple of casual dresses, but i can't find them! :s

Hope you're all well!
x x x x x


Lauren Baker said...

I love VS scents, especially Pure Seduction. And the new L'Oreal lippys are amazing. xx

COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog said...

I love the purse, its so cute and must of taken forever to make!

Josefína said...

huuu, lovely things, really;)=)

Donna Dell said...

i love that egyptian pouch you got!! great souvenir

Eloise said...

Ah Jealous of your Egypt trip! I just had a look at your last post - where abouts did you stay? Me and the boyfriend went to Hurghada (probs spelt this wrong!) a couple of years ago and had a great time!


mantenso said...

love that purse its so cool!
lovely blog!
now following (:
mantenso xx

Ray said...

Loving the purse :) you definately got some fab bargains xxx

Anonymous said...

Great purchases :) xx

Katharine Louise said...

I Love the MSF natural too!! That purse is beautiful, I hope you had an amazing holiday! xx

Emma said...

I just got the Rouge Caress Nude Ingenue, and I love the formula! I can't believe how good they are for the price :) xxx