Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday Musings #2

Ok so a more appropriate title would be 'tuesdays thoughts', but i want 'Monday Musings' to be a regular thing haa ;)

001 - I have had this dress bookmarked for months. It was originally £40, but is now reduced to £22. I really want to buy it but am not sure if the shape will suit me... ahh decisions decisions.

002 - Heading to Oxford Street on Thursday for a well needed mega shop. I haven't been shopping in weeks, so my wages are itching to be spent haa! The Topshop, Selfridges and boutiques are brilliant, so hopefully i will find some bargains :)

003 - I am hoping to pick up benefits 'boi-ing' concealer this week. I have been thinking about getting it for ages, and popped into a shop last week to try it out. I have pale skin, and often concealers that are the 'right' colour are very yellow, but this one wasn't. Any other pale skin girls, what do you use??

004 - Finally, MAC lipstick in Chatterbox. Want it. Need it. Thinking of reasons to justify spending out on another.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter holidays, been up to anything exciting?


Seo!ana said...

If you get the boi-ing concealer make sure to do a little review, I'm also rocking the 'pale and interesting' look and would be interested to know whether this works for you before I part with my dollah!
Have fun in Laaaandan!x

Cat said...

I tend to stick to lip glosses but lately, I have really been wanting to step out of my comfort zone and throw some real color on my pucker! I need to check out that bit of MAC goodness for sure :)

jennie said...

That dress is beautiful, you should definitely get it! I love boi-ing concealer as well as the lightest shade of collection 2000 lasting perfection. It's very rare I can find a concealer that matches me perfectly but they both do! xo

Hannah. said...

I LOVE chatterbox I'm needing it too!! and boi-ing is apparently really good, although I've never tried it myself! :) Lovely post :)

also, I'm having a mini giveaway - maybe you'd like to check it out? :) Love Hannah xxx

KatXoXo said...

love that dress!!

Anonymous said...

Yay get the dress, it's gorgeous. Am loving the colour of that lipstick.

nicola said...

the dress is gorgeous!
i'd say buy it! if you change your mind you can always send it back :)
nicola xxx

kay eh tea ei. said...

LOVE posts like this. I have had Boi-ing in a miniature (in a giftset thing) before and LOVED it. my friend have me a full size one but it wasnt good at all, but i think it was actually a fake so now i'm thinking of buying a genuine one because it was so good. I think the erase paste would be good for pale girls though. absolutely need that MAC lipstick! xo.

lolita said...

Love the Dress its gorgeous x


Emma said...

such a pretty dress, really floaty and pretty, that mac lipstick is a hot colour too