Friday, 15 April 2011

April Haul...

As I mentioned in my last post I went to Oxford Street on Thursday & managed to find a few things :-)

Top H&M £3.99 each (turquoise ones came together)
Bottom - Topshop £3.50

(L-R) River Island - £19.99
Other three tops are from H&M & all were £7.99 each

I love all these tops. The pink silky top and the over sized blue shirt especially. They are all versatile, which is why i bought them, as i need to start saving. I love mixing and matching clothes too, so these are going to be brilliant. 
+ H&M was the best i have seen it. The new summery range is wicked, feels really 'fresh', if that makes sense, and there are lots of gorgeous prints.

Hope your all enjoying the Easter break, shame the sun has disappeared.
Check back as I will be doing a boi-ing review and a 'whats in my bag?' in the next few days :)
Jen <3


Amy said...

i bought the turqouise rings the other day hahaa ;) aren't they such a good price, and they are just so lovely <3 i have worn one/both of them everyday since i got them on monday hahaa,
love the tops too, and i agree that h&m has really good stock this season!

Anna Katrina said...

im in love with those rings !!! how unique

stop by sometime<3

Michelle said...

Such a nice pick of tops! I couldn't find anything in H&M when I went shopping yesterday, the blouse and black and white vest are so pretty. I also wanted that orange piece Topshop ring but they didn't have my size hahaha! xx

Anonymous said...

H&M sell some amazing rings, love these. You got some great things.

Manon Margaretha said...

Thank you !
I love the rings and the lace top (:

Sarah said...

so jealous of those rings!
i'm a little addicted to rings at the moment!

carlijn said...

lovely buys! <3 xoxo

Reckless Rekha. said...

love the things you've got. The RI top is so pretty <3

Dollyfaces said...

Love the rings x

littlepearl said...

Oh I love these tops and rings are great too. What about following each other? Greets from Estonia. xx

Simone said...

Great stuff! :)
I love the rings.


Ramona said...

was there too, last wednesday! unfortunately with school.. but i love you purchases :)


Salha said...

Love those rings!! :)