Saturday, 16 April 2011

Benefit BOI-ING Review...

Benefits Boi-ing concealer finally made its way into my makeup bag & I'm pretty sure it's going to remain as a permanent fixture :-)

Benefit describes it as 'industrial strength' and to be completely honest, its not far off! The texture is lovely and creamy, making it really simple to apply (and blend), which also helps it last longer, as it doesn't just sit on top of blemishes. I would defiantly recommend that you use your fingers to apply it though, as the consistency doesn't work as well with a brush.

I have relatively pale skin, so #Shade01 is most suited to my skin tone. It looks so much more natural than any other concealers i have used. I love the packaging too; i think it is more practical than a stick as it is easier to apply using your fingers.

Overall i am very impressed. I will be re-purchasing and recommending it to everyone :)
The only downside is the price, but it will last longer than my other concealers, so i do think the money is justified.

Any of you lovelies use Boi-ing? Would love to know what you think!
x x x

PS - I am away for this week visiting family, so sorry if i dont get a chance to update / reply to your lovely comments. I promise to make up for it when i get home though! Have a good easter <3


Anonymous said...

cute blog, following <3

Opal Stevens said...

Thanks for the review, I'll definitely have to check it out :D

Daisy said...

I love Benefit Boi-ing :) I've used it most days since buying it! It last ageees as well which is even better xx

Kristie said...

I have this boi-ing concealer and I thought it was amazing and so easy to use, problem is mine ran out so fast! But definitely going to buy this product again!

Mai said...

It looks nice, I will try it!

emily connick said...

i had boi-ing in a set once and i really loved it, i never got around to reperchasing it and i think this may've just persuaded me!
check out my blog if you have time?:)

The Cat Hag said...

I have never used it, but have heard good things bout it.

Currently I use MAC's Studio Finish Concealer and its fantastic! :)

The Cat Hag

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

I use Boi-ing, amongst other Benefit lovelies, religiously! It's amazing, isn't it? I discovered it about a year ago and have never gone back.

x x Michelle

claire (jazzpad.) said...

I could do with some new concealer... though I'm utterly clueless when it comes to makeup! I'll give this a try on your recommendation :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

Carina said...

I've been looking for a decent concealer, and that shade looks light enough for my skin :O Thanks for sharing this!

Sarah said...

You can find it on eBay for around £3! I get all my Benefit make up through eBay, it's so much cheaper :)

Anonymous said...

ah i really want this! haven't got the money though at the moment :(

love your blog just found it :)
following! xx