Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let's catch up...

I'm back in Essex (home) today. I have spent the week "up north" visiting family and shopping toooo much, but i had no internet access, so sorry for my lack of posts!

^^ This is where i have been- Durham and Newcastle.
I went shopping in Newcastle city centre for the first time & loved it. Its set out like London, but has a completley different vibe; some really good shops.
This is the only makeup i picked up. On the right is the Sleek Storm Palette, which i love! The colours are so pigmented & some have a shimmer, which looks really lovely. With 10% student discount i picked it up in Superdrug for £5.50, bargain. This blush caught my eye at a makeup stall in Newcastle. For £1.99 its pretty good, the colour is lovely for the summer.

(I wasn't planning to do a sleek review, as I've seen loads. But if you want to see one let me know and i shall do one!)

As my mum said "anotherrrr ring?". It was in the Topshop sale for £3.50 & there was only one left, so i had to.

I bought a few more bits too, but i'll save them for outfit posts and things.
Sorry for the short post, i have a tonne of revision & last nights Dr. Who to catch up on eeeek! (geek) :-)
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catflicks said...

you can never have too many rings!
lovely blog, i like the variations in posts :) (if that makes sense?!)
anyway, now following! Thanks for your comment too!

Dollyfaces said...

Love the wing ring, ive got it too :) I can never seem to find the storm palette, I want it so much!!! x

ShopeDelano said...

Love the ring, you can never have too many!! And hey hey, were not geeks, I am a loyal Dr Who fan! Haha. xxx

Sophie - Country girl said...

the palette looks lovely and I adore your ring. At £3.50 it would be a crime not to buy it!

Leigh said...

amazing photos! i adore the ring you bought!!! :)

Vivianna said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for your comment my blog :) Just popped over and had a little look at yours and I love it, now following :) No tips, apart from keep doing what your doing hun! Love the layout and your photography is a million times better than my will ever be, beautiful <3 xx

the nyanzi report said...

love the ring.

Jamelle.Style said...

I love that ring!


Reckless Rekha. said...

Lovely post. Love the ring i couldn't resist the pretty rings on sale at Topshop either <3

Becky-May said...

Lovely blog hon! Your pictures are great :)

The Flower Girl

Aina said...

Ooo. That's a really cool ring! Does it bother your ring finger wearing it?

Wanna follow each other? I believe in good karma!


Samantha said...

i live in the north east newcastle is great for a shop isnt it? I love the city! your photos amazing too.
the above or the 2 above post with the florals have inspired me to try florals again! i love them but never seem to i pull them off! i will try again though, you got some baragins i see!! very summery!


Bec Norris said...

Love love love that sleek palette! Especially for the price it is, it's so worth it! Great blog! xxx