Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You'll never be what's in your heart...

I ordered a few products from ELF on Monday, and they came today, so impressed with the delivery speed! These are the lip products i bought -

 Mineral Lipstick - Runway Pink - £3.50
This colour is much less pink than it appears on the website, its more of a nude colour than pink, but still lovely. Applying it feels like applying a MAC lipstick and i defiantly will be ordering more! The packaging is great too, looks and feels more expensive than it is. I could probably wear this on a day-day basis :-)

Lipstick - Seductive - £1.50
I wanted to buy both types of lipstick to compare them. I love this colour, it's like a coraly/hot pink, perfect for going out. I am also really impressed with the quality, considering how cheap it was; head and shoulders above others i have tried for under £2. Even the packaging is better than i expected. Would definatley reccomend you give this a try!

 Mineral Lipstick - Wild - £3
Lastly is this lip gloss. I needed a new one after my fave Barry M disappeared & this one has nicely filled its place. I chose a bright pink as i think brighter shades look better on their own. I love this and it is defiantly something i will re-purchase and recommend.

(L-R) - Seductive Lipstick, Wild Mineral Lipgloss, Runway Pink Mineral Lipstick

I am really impressed with the ELF brand; the quality is excellent for the price. Check out their facebook page as there are always great offers on, such as free delivery & other special offers.

Hope your all having a good week :)
Jen xxx


Kristie said...

I've never heard of E.L.F before, definitely going to check it out!
Lovely lipsticks.

Hannah. said...

LOVE these colours, especially the first one! so so nice, I'm definitely thinking about trying out some ELF products, heard great great things about them!! xxx

maybe check out my giveaway at :) -

G A B Y said...

Runway Pink looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love ELF products. The pink lipstick looks lovely.

KatXoXo said...

Im in love with ELF :) I love their mineral lipstick it's such great quality for the price!!

Dollyfaces said...

They're lovely colours, you're so lucky, I ordered loads from ELF about 3 weeks ago now and i'm Still waiting for them to be delivered!!! x

¶ lovelybookie said...

awe thanks sweety, love your blog too! am following you back this instant :D x

Chloe... said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog lovely!

I've been wanting to by an Elf lipstick for a while... do they smell? I hate lipsticks that smell or taste funny, litro cant have them on my lips!

Chloe... x

Vilte said...

I really want to order some a lot of stuff from elf but i just dont know what the products are really like. I think I will take a risk and actually get all that stuff

Anonymous said...

I've heard some really great reviews about elf, I really must give them a try. I'm hopeless when buying lippy, I've given away so many to friends as they never seem to suit me! Great review!

Opal Stevens said...

Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!

Shilpi said...

so obsessed with lipstick right now, those are some beautiful colors



cheyenne davide. said...

OMG looks well expensive!
off to buy my own elf products now, gunner get the nude colour :p xx

Ashleigh. said...

Thanks for your comment lovely. In response to the Newcastle or Metro Centre... I'd definitley say Newcastle! They've had a new extension built with a huge Topshop, River Island, New Look and all the other big name shops put it. It's like a heaven. You HAVE to check it out. Have a lovely day and let me know if you had a good time either way. Never know, you might see me out and about haha!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous lipstick colours!

sarah-blinkandyoullmissit x

Miss A said...

I love Runway Pink. Thanks for reminding me, as I had forgotten I have it :P