Monday, 23 March 2015

Weekly Update #2

Another week, another spectacular blogging fail!! It's so hard to find the motivation sometimes, especially when you have two books to read, an essay to plan and write and uni to attend. But hey-ho... this weekly update type post went down well, so here's another.

This week was another attempt at semi-healthy eating. I can never manage a whole week without a few treats, but am trying to get more inventive with my healthy lunch ideas. I've jumped on the quinoa (keen-wah) bandwagon and loved it in this simple salad mix. You'll also see that i'm totally obsessed with avocados, which I probably eat 2-4 times a week. Oh well, better than being addicted to chocolate buttons I suppose! The wagamamas was a treat as I got two good assignment marks back this week. I'd never been before, but would definitely recommend it to those who are curious to try a variety of Asian food. YUM.

I came home from a stressful day at uni to find a little note on my desk saying "I know you've been craving one"... and it was attached to a gorgeous red velvet cupcake!! Room-mate of the year award? I think so! Excuse the shameless selfie, we all do it! I've been sleeping with my hair in plaits instead of curling it. I know that's so 12-year-old, but I'm loving it ahaa! Finally a little snap at the eclipse... did anyone else watch it? I couldn't believe how quickly the moon moved!

I've had another little play around with my blog layout and design too. How do you like it? I've been trying to teach myself how to use CSS codes, as they're so much easier to use than trying to edit the HTML template. I'm so jealous of people that can create such amazing templates... but I don't think it looks too bad... for a novice! ;)

Hope you've all had a great week!
I'm off to New York this time next week, so prepare yourself for a very very photo-heavy weekly update next week..... I might even do a big post on my experience.

Thanks for reading <3


Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

What a sweet flat mate! I'm completely addicted to avocados too, and I think your blog layout looks lovely :) xxx

Let Us Wanderlust said...

Oh my - a red velvet cupcake from your super sweet flat mate? I'd love her forever haha! Red velvet is my fave! Sounds like a busy week - all the uni work can really get in the way of blogging. It's the same for me - I have gone back to uni, part time, this year and it's stressing me out because it's busier and more demanding than I thought possible! Ah well, we'll get through it :) I love your blog layout too! Super impressed you did it by yourself. And avocadoes are my weakness! Love them!

Carly xo