Monday, 31 August 2015

So..... I graduated.

Long time no speak blogging world. There's been three major changes since we last spoke!

I graduated, I moved & I got a new job!

University is over! I graduated Liverpool John Moores University in July, with a 2:1 English BA Hons degree. I couldn't be happier! To top it off I landed a fantastic job working in digital marketing, which is exactly where I wanted to start my career. Oh + I also moved in with James and re-located to the East Midlands....... so as you can imagine, i've not had much time on my hands! 

I can't wait until things settle down and I can get back in to the habit of curling up with a cuppa and writing my little blog.

I hope you're all well - have any of you graduated this year?
Or maybe you're off to uni in a few weeks?

<3 Jen.

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beautyis allaround said...

i just follow your blog<3