Monday, 13 August 2012

Week in Photos #7...

lovelovelove // FOTN for my leavers dinner // Spending days @ the races
Reese's P'butter cups = <3 // Toby Carvery // Face
My favourite // New fave, Revlon 'pink about it' // Magaluf with the girls <3
Healthy lunch, compensated by a fatty desert // Photo shoot with the best friend


Ok, so maybe this is a little longer than a week in photo's, but things have been a little crazy recently! Since I last blogged I've - finished my a-levels, been on holiday, worked my arse off for pennies, quit one job, attempted and failed several diets and started to pack things up for the move from Essex to Liverpool. So sorry for my lack of updates! 

I've also hit a bit of a wall on the blog front - what do you want to see on London Gems?
Do you like the reviews best? or the hauls? Or would you like to see something different?
Please take a couple of seconds to let me know your thoughts, would be much appreciated!

Hope you're all well & enjoying the "summer"..

x x x


Keyta Hawkins said...

Great post, I've not seen that Revlon lipstick shade before, it looks really pretty.
- Keyta x

Rachael said...

Love these posts, that Toby Carvery looks delicious! I'm the same with 'hitting a bit of a wall' at the minute, I think keeping it varied is the best idea, I personally love all types of posts xx

Sophie said...

I want that desert! I like posts like this :)x

Lucia said...

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Melanie Jane said...

Ooh, Toby Carverys are the best! Haven't had one in ages but I used to quite often, will have to go again soon.
Did you get those Reese's in the UK? I've never seen them over here.
Mel x

Josefína said...

uhmm I would like to see outfit post, rewiews, food and random photos, Liverpool photos... and so on, are you studying the uni in Liverpool right? =)

nicola said...

some lovely photos! looks like youve had a great summer so far - very jealous of your trip to magaluf!
i love reviews, particularly of 'drugstore' products as theyre affordable and accessible for most people :) empties posts also seem quite popular, and ive been loving putting wishlist posts together, focussing on what im lusting over from one shop at a time - theyre really fun posts to do and are fairly easy, and people seem to like them!
glad youre back!
nicola xxx

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely instagram pictures! :D

Vanessa Mae said...

ive never tried resee cups before, i think its about time i tried them lol :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae

Rachel said...

The peanut butter cups are just to die for arent they! mmmm x