Monday, 1 July 2013

R E V I E W : Loreal Superliner Perfect Slim

I popped into Superdrug yesterday to get the Loreal Superliner Liquid Liner, which I've used for years. However after seeing that my loyal liner was out of stock, I did panic slightly. How would I manage one more day without a liquid liner? People would see what an alien I looked without it (yes, that thought actually ran through my mind, before I laughed at myself and realized what a nit-wit I was). After almost having a crisis, I noticed this little "pen" liner. I was intrigued, as the only other pen liner I had tried was crap and dried out in a week (I'm looking at you MUA). However, I remembered reading a good review on it somewhere so decided to try it... I'm so glad I did! It is so easy to use and I now actually sport perfectly straight and even, true black, long lasting liner!

The packaging is nice and simple; black with gold writing. The actual nib is long, but not too long to line around your eye with ease. The tip is tiny, which makes it perfect for creating a sharp flick. It is easy to create a small line using little strokes and really does make applying liquid liner a total doddle. It's soft enough to maneuver with ease, but not so soft that precision becomes difficult. The color  "intense black", is a true black. I've tried so many liners that look blue or brown under certain lights, but this does not! Thus far, I would rate the lasting power as brilliant.

What do you think of 'pen' type eyeliners? Tried this one?


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Melanie said...

I use this one as well and it is the best liner I have ever used ^^

Melanie ~

Michelle / Daisybutter said...

I've been using this recently because my NARS stylo liner dried out and I must agree that it is one of the best I've used. (: thanks for the comment on my blog lovely, yours is really cute! Love the lace background. xx

Natasha Mary said...

Loreal liners are the bees knees!!

Louise said...

I'm personally not a fan of pen eyeliners, always find them to dry way too fast.

Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥