Saturday, 10 August 2013

R E V I E W : Ebay Dupe Brushes

I spend a lot of my time looking at eBay listings. Most of my makeup brushes come from me stumbling across familiar looking products and getting them for half the retail price. When I saw these, I was shocked at how much they look like Samantha Chapman's Real Techniques (RT) brushes and within two clicks, they were mine!

The brush above on the left is an angled kabuki type brush. To put it simply, its an angled F80 sigma style brush. I've been using this brush for bronzer day-to-day, as it is small enough to create shape on my face without being so precise.

The middle brush looks exactly like the real techniques contour brush, only slightly bigger. I've been using it to blend in my concealer under my eyes, as it does the job in seconds! I've also used it with highlighters. The point is perfect for concentrating a powder on the top of cheek bones and under the eyebrows!

The right brush is almost identical to the Sigma F80 kabuki brush. I have been using it with mineral foundation and it works a treat. The bristles are so so so soft and it leaves my skin looking flawless!

The brush on the left is my favorite of the set. It is very similar to the RT expert face brush, only the bristles are longer. This is the one I've been using every day to apply and blend my foundation. If you've been lusting after the expert brush or the buffing brush then I recommend you using the money to buy this set of brushes instead!

Finally, on the right is the stipple brush, an exact copy for the RT stipple brush. It's lightweight and small enough to use for applying blush, which is what I've been using it for. I've also been using it to apply highlighter on the top of my cheekbones.

Overall, I'm really impressed with this little bargain!
The brushes are all really high quality and the bristles are super soft. 
They also come in gold and pink, however I decided on blue so I could distinguish them from the real things!
All in all, the set came to £15.00 including delivery.

<3 Jen


Jen said...

yes! x x

Miss Holly said...


kirstyb said...

suc a great price i must check it out x

Terri said...

I've always come across these on Ebay and although they do look like the RT ones, i'm never sure if they'll work just as good :)

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Amy Cheng said...

Hi. Well I found these same dupe brushes of Real Techniques online as well. But I found them in Amazon. It is called "Neverland 5pcs Professional Fashion Foundation Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Powder Blush". :D xxx